Recovery, week #1

Recovery Week #1 recap: M: rest T:  rest W:  bike (40 minutes) Th: rest F:  bike (42 minutes, was going for 60, but got bored) Sa:  rest Su:  pilates I feel sufficiently rested, recovered and ready to run!  Truthfully, I feel fat and lazy.  Gonna do an early morning easy run tomorrow - can't wait!

Giving the body some love . . .

I could literally feel my body recovering from my 20 miler last night and today.  I zonked out about 8:45 last night and didn't wake up til the alarm went off at 5:00 (usually I wake up 2 or 3 times - sometime more! - to pee in the middle of the night).  I felt …

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Back to Reality

What a great city!  Seattle was very cool.  So much to do.  Loads of good food, good drinks and good times with the Girls.  We even lucked out with the weather.  It was gray and rainy when our plane landed Thursday night, but then the sun came out and it was 50's and sunny (but …

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Recovering and Planning!

Jeez, everything about Marathon #5 has been better than previous ones, including the recovery.  I feel really good.  Here's how the week has looked so far: Sunday evening:  just a little sore.  Not too bad. Monday:  a little sore, most noticeable when I walk down stairs, but not bad.  Walked about 2 miles total. Tuesday: …

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Ready to recover with my Recovery Socks!

Look what arrived in the mail today, just in time for me to use on Sunday post-race.  Bright Pink (breast cancer) Recovery Socks!  After over a year of using my black Recovery Socks, I wore a hole in the bottom of the right one.   I love putting these things on after a hard run. …

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