Tick tock, tick tock

Do runners really get anything done at work the week before the Boston Marathon??  This week is dragging by. My days have been filled with daydreaming about Boston, preparing packing lists (I'm on 5 pairs of shoes and counting . . .), reading race reports from previous years, planning all the fabulous things I'm going …

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Boston Marathon Week!

  Finally! 🙂

Reality is Better Than Dreams

This week has been filled with things that just make me so, so appreciative of all that I have and that I am able to place one foot in front of the other and RUN. I had a conversation with a wise, remarkable 90 (!) year old woman this week.  She has been confined to …

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Boston Marathon Training week #2 summary

I'm definitely still in recovery mode from Phoenix.  I have to say that the plan I'm following (Pfitz 6 weeks between marathons) seems to be spot on, however.  The days off that are built in are TOTALLY needed and just at the right time.  And then the running days seem to be just the right …

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Boston Banner Day!

I love that the city of Boston goes crazy for the Boston Marathon.  I love that 500,000+ spectators come out - on their day off (Patriots Day, the 3rd Monday of April, is a state holiday in Massachusetts) to cheer, support and generally go crazy for 25,000 runners.  I love that the city starts the …

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Boston, Boston, Boston!

Boston Boston Boston!  Everywhere I looked today, there were reminders that it is FAST approaching.  2 months from tomorrow is race day! BAA posted pictures of the finishers medal today: Anyone else get sort of teary eyed looking at this?!? This will be one medal that I'll get engraved, no matter what my finish time! …

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