Lessons from my crappy 20 miler!

It's always such a relief to get the first 20 miler of a marathon training cycle done! Finished my first one for Twin Cities Marathon 2016 yesterday.  It was ugly. The first 10 miles were great.  And then I hit the wall.  At 10 miles!? I could not move. My pace slowed.  My legs were …

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My two cents on how to BQ

Hello readers! For those of you interested on my two cents on how to qualify for the Boston Marathon, please check out my post on my I Mua Training website! Don't worry - I won't cross-post too often.  But I thought this topic might be of interest to you! My plan is to update my …

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Sneak Peak

Those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram may have already seen my sneak peak at a new venture that I'm starting.  For everyone else, here you go.  It's a work in progress: I Mua Training  Fun stuff.


Hello!  Bet you were wondering if I forgot about this blog.  I didn't - life has just been filled with too much (good) stuff to keep up with it all. I have a few extra minutes right now, so I thought I'd provide some updates.  In completely random order, here's what's been happening since Blue …

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Blue Ridge Marathon Race Report

"America's Toughest Road Marathon" is in the books!  For me Blue Ridge Marathon was marathon #14.  And, while it was definitely my toughest, most challenging marathon (and with my worst time by 24 minutes), it was also the marathon where I felt the strongest.  It was one of those marathons that every runner dreams about …

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Still Giving Thanks

Three years ago today was my first Boston, the day of the Boston Marathon bombings.  I'm still giving thanks. My race report from Boston 2013 is here .