Runnin From The Law’s Top 10 Marathon’s To Do

Here you go, my current Top 10 Marathons To Do sometime in the near future list* (in one nice neat post so you can click on the link to see the details about why I want to do each one):

  1. Big Sur International Marathon
  2. Omaha Marathon
  3. Santa Barbara International Marathon
  4. Minneapolis Marathon
  5. Stillwater Marathon
  6. Boston Marathon
  7. New York City Marathon
  8. Eugene Marathon
  9. Grandma’s Marathon
  10. Twin Cities Marathon

*Not in order of preference, because we all know that if it was based on preference, Boston would be number 1 for me!


Top 10 Marathons To Do: Grandma’s and Twin Cities

I know you have all been holding  your breath waiting for marathons #9 and #10 on my Top 10 Marathons To Do list.

Any guesses?  (Hint:  read the title of the blog post!)

Well, since this isn’t a dream marathon list, since it’s a realistic list of the top 10 marathons I want to do in the next 5ish years, I’m gonna just go ahead and throw my 2 favorite marathons on the list, even though I’ve already done them before.  Grandma’s Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon  (And I just want to be done with this Top 10 list already!)

Why are these my two favorite marathons, and why will I likely keep on doing one or the other (or both!)?

  • They are Minnesota marathons, so for me they are relatively easy to do.  Not much travel required (none for TCM, for Grandma’s it’s a couple hour drive, but not bad).
  • Having family in the Twin Cities and on the north shore means that at these two marathons I always have a Runnin-From-The-Law fan club, complete with bright pink signs!
  • Both courses are spectacular.  Twin Cities is beautiful in October and has SUCH fabulous crowd support.  Grandma’s is a relatively easy course, with LOADS of fun afterwards at the post-race festivities.

  • They are sentimental favorites for me.  Twin Cities was my first marathon.  3 years later it was also my (sort of) BQ marathon.  Grandma’s is a sentimental favorite because we usually make a weekend of it – bring the kids up to stay with grandma and grandma and then have them all come out and cheer.
  • And of course, Grandma’s and Twin Cities are on my to do list since I am doing them both this year!

If you haven’t done Grandma’s or Twin Cities yet, I’d strongly recommend them!

Top 10 Marathons To-Do List: Eugene Marathon

Marathon #8 on my current Top 10 Marathons To-Do List is the Eugene Marathon.

Why?  It gets fabulous reviews from, it’s supposed to be relatively speedy and it’s in a part of the country I’ve never been to.  It’s held the first week in May, which is a decent time of the year.  I’d have to start training in the middle of our Minnesota winter, but would also get to finish it up when it (hopefully/usually) isn’t too horribly cold and snowy here.  It’s also in a part of the country, and at a time of year, when the weather is all but guaranteed to be decent for marathon running.  So many of my races have had sucky weather, that it would be a nice change to not really have to worry about the weather being a huge factor on race day.

Jen ran it last year and loved it.  Mindi is running it this year and is gonna kick some major butt.

Anyone else run it?  What’d you think?

Top 10 Marathon To-Do List: New York City Marathon

Marathon #7 on my To 10 Marathons To-Do List is New York City Marathon!

It’s probably cliche to put this one on my list, but really, it sounds like such an incredible experience that I’m gonna for sure do it.  I’ve only been to New York City once and I LOVED it.  So exciting and so much to do.  It would be so fun to run through all the boroughs and end up in Central Park and see the sites from a completely different perspective.  Plus, I’d see Maria since she lives in New York!

The race itself would be crazy, like nothing I’ve experienced, with 45,000 runners!  The logistics of putting that together are mind boggling for me.  The crowd, combined with the bridge elevations, could make it a challenging course.  At least the main climb is right off the bat instead of later in the course when I’ll be so tired!  Sounds like a challenge that would be well worth it for this experience.

It’s in the first week of November, which is a pretty decent time for a race, in my opinion.  Seems like weather should be all but guaranteed to be decent at that time of year.  And the training time would be good because a big chunk of it would be through September and October, which would be decent training conditions here in Minnesota.

The biggest problem?  Getting in.  They have a mix of ways that you can get in the marathon, including qualifying (but you need to be SPEEDY with a 3:23 marathon or 1:37 HM for my age, which won’t be happening with this girl anytime soon), being a member of NYRR and racing a certain number of races and volunteering (which won’t be happening with me, since I don’t live in NY), applying 3 years in a row and being denied entry, or lottery (which sounds like only a very small number of spots are then open to even be in the lottery).

So, with those options on getting in, my best bet is to apply (for the lottery) and be denied entry 3 years in a row, so that I’m guaranteed entry the next year.   For 2011, the application deadline is TODAY, April 19, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.  Which would mean that if I  apply in 2011, 2012, 2013 and get denied in all those years, I am guaranteed entry for 2014.  I’m a planner.  I know I’m gonna want to run this one in the next few years.  So guess what I just applied for?!!!

Wouldn’t it be crazy dumb luck if I actually am one of those selected in the lottery for it this year??  I don’t even WANT to run it this year – since I have TCM scheduled for Oct 2nd and, more importantly, a trip to wine country planned for mid-October!  So keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t get in to New York Marathon this year!

Who’s in for NYCM for 2014?  Hurry up and apply today!

Top 10 Marathons To-Do List: Boston

Marathon #6 on my current Top 10 Marathons To-Do List is Boston!*

Do I really need to say anything else?  🙂

You all know I’m not gonna stop this marathon thing until I make it there, right?

Good luck to Jen at Boston today!

*Obviously these Top 10 aren’t in order of what I WANT to do, or Boston would be #1!  I just figured I’d post it today – on Patriot’s Day!

Top 10 Marathons To-Do: Stillwater Marathon

Marathon #5 on my Top 10 Marathons T0-Do is the Stillwater Marathon.

I know what most of you are thinking.  Where’s Stillwater?  It’s in Minnesota.  A suburb of the Twin Cities.  It’s another fairly new Minnesota marathon.  (This is its 3rd year).  Like the Minneapolis Marathon, it’s on my to-do list because of the convenience factor.  It would be about an hour drive for me.  Very convenient, easy and cheap!  Plus, I would like to say I’ve done most of the major Minnesota marathons.

This one has hills though.  Lots of them, based on the comments.  After the evil downhill at mile 17 of Little Rock, I figure they just can’t be too bad. What I am not crazy about is the timing of the race.  It’s over Memorial Day weekend.  We usually like to go to our cabin over Memorial Day weekend, so I’d have to ok it with The Family if I end up doing this one.

I LOVE the Stillwater area.  I grew up over towards there (Dellwood), so it’s definitely one that I want to do.

Anyone know anything about it?

Top 10 Marathons To-Do List: Minneapolis Marathon

Marathon #4 on my Top 10 Marathons To-Do List is the Minneapolis Marathon.

How come?  I live in a Minneapolis suburb!  It would be convenient, low stress (no travel and I’d get to sleep in my bed the night before the marathon!) and relatively cheap.  Plus, in terms of Minnesota I’m stuck in a Grandma’s Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon rut, so I need to expand my horizons and see what else Minnesota has to offer.

The Minneapolis Marathon is fairly new.  I think this is it’s 3rd or maybe 4th year.  I’ve heard decent things about it.  The organization and “fun factor” are supposed to be top notch.  The course looks decent – different than Twin Ciites.  It starts downtown at the Depot and goes along the Mississippi to Fort Snelling and back.  Looks a little hilly, but not horrible.

What I don’t like is the timing.  It’s the first weekend in June, which could end up being too hot.  It’s also 3 weeks before Grandma’s, so in a year where I do this one, Grandma’s is out.  I don’t know why the organizers of this one or one of the other fairly new Minnesota marathons don’t make it in mid-late April.  I’d definitely move it higher up on my list if it were earlier in the year!

Might be on next year’s list!

Top 10 Marathons To-Do List: Santa Barbara

Marathon #3 on Cindi’s Top 10 Marathons To-Do List:  Santa Barbara International Marathon

I know what you’re thinking.  Yes!  She’s come to her senses and is back to somewhere exciting like Cali again!  That’s more like it.

Why Santa Barbara?  I have an aunt that lives there.  We’ve visited her and I’ve done a Girls Trip there once and I LOVE Santa Barbara!  So beautiful, peaceful and a great place to visit.  My aunt is in her 70’s now.  She’s my dad’s only remaining sister.  She never married and doesn’t have kids of her own, so we were pretty close with her growing up and still.  I’d love to run this one sometime soon so that she could see me run.  She’d get a kick out of it.  Plus, I think my parents would come cheer me on so that they could see my dad’s sister and visit Santa Barbara.

It’s in the second week of November, so that would actually be a good time to get some serious training done in the Fall and then leave Minnesota for a weekend just when it’s getting cold and crappy here.  Marathonguide doesn’t give it very good reviews, in terms of organization.  Oh well.  It’s still on my list.

Good enough reasons for me.

Top 10 Marathons To-Do List: Omaha Marathon (seriously)

The #2 marathon on Cindi’s Top 10 Marathons To-Do List** is the Omaha Marathon.

I know what you are thinking.  Seriously?  The first marathon on your to-do list that you blogged about was the incredible, scenic, spectacular Big Sur Marathon, and then you tell us you want to run a marathon in Nebraska?!?

Yes.  I do!

Why?  I went to college in Omaha.  Ages ago!  I spent 4 of the best years of my life in Omaha, attending Creighton University.  Mom, skip over this next sentence:  Omaha is where I went to my first college party and drank way too much (while I was in high school, with a friend, visiting her cousin who went to Creighton.  So fun!).  Omaha is where I met my best friend, who is now my husband.  Omaha is where I first decided that I DIDN’T want to be an accountant (my major) and that I actually did want to be a lawyer (like my dad).  Omaha is home of Big Fred’s Pizza (which I totally plan on pigging out on after I run the Omaha marathon!).   Omaha was my stomping ground for 4 years.  I haven’t been back there since 1996, when I went back for a friend’s wedding.  It’s been too long.  What better excuse to go back than to run a marathon?
The Omaha Marathon is held in late September.  I haven’t done it yet because it’s always the week before Twin Cities, and I love Twin Cities!  But one of these years (maybe next year?!) I’d like to road trip to Omaha for the marathon.   It looks like it is a fairly small marathon (around 600 finishers last year).  It also probably isn’t terribly exciting to most people, in terms of scenery and landmarks.  And, it’s apparently got lots of rolling hills in the first half.  Even though these things may deter many people, for me, it would be fun to run 26.2 miles around my old stomping grounds.

Who’s in with me?

** Again, we’re not talking dream marathons here.  We’re talking ones I really would like to get to within the next 5 years or so, money and time and health permitting.

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