Thursday Thoughts: Deliciousness Edition

Thursday Thoughts: Deliciousness Edition

Best burger in the world

  • I am not kidding you when I say that the burger in this photo (yes, there’s a burger under all that mozzarella cheese and crispy onion straws – with spicy garlic mayo) is THE BEST hamburger I’ve ever eaten in my life.  I was literally sad to be done eating it.  I might declare Thursdays to be Burger Night from now on.  For those of you local, you can find this piece of heaven at The Narrows Saloon in Navarre.  Call me if you go – I’ll join you! 🙂
  • Did everyone see that BAA announced today that they have extended invitations to the 2014 Boston Marathon to the 5700 runners who didn’t finish the 2013 marathon?  Good for them!  That was the right thing to do.  Classy organization.  I got into a little riff on FB with a friend who posted that she thought the charity runners who didn’t finish should have to raise more money to participate, since it’s not fair they are taking away from runners who qualified.  Ummm, no.  Just wrong.  In so many ways.  The charity runners may not have run a qualifying time, but they were allowed to run in the first instance under the BAA rules and raised ooodles of money for their charity (which is hard stuff; I HATE asking people to pledge money on stuff I do – so kudos to them) PLUS they trained just as hard as all of the qualified runners did.  And they didn’t get to finish.  So of course any invitation to run next year for non-finishers should include them.
  • Do you sometimes see a train wreck in the works and want to speak up to tell people to switch directions because they are headed down a bad path, but you don’t because doing so will just lead to drama that you don’t want to deal with???  Yeah, me too.  And I’m keeping quiet. 😉
  • I’m volunteering for the Buffalo Tri.  Let me know if you are participating and I’ll look for you!
  • I’ve LOVED running the past couple weeks.  Lots of slow easy miles, building up my base for Twin Cities training.  Usually I hate the down time between marathons because I feel like I’m wasting time and spinning my wheels.  This time I’m loving it because it sort of feels like training – but in a really low pressure, just run lots of miles for fun, sort of way.  Wheeeee!
  • Still haven’t been out on the bike yet.  Must do that soon.
  • Ha ha ha – someone found my blog by searching “gorgeous cycling legs”.  Must cycle soon.

Thursday Thoughts: May (snow) Showers Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Seriously?  It’s May 2nd and on my run at noon I wore my warm tights, a long sleeve tech shirt, a windbreaker, ear warmers and gloves.  What’s up Minnesota?
  • I dislike not being in marathon training.  I feel so undisciplined.  My runs are just random.  I like structure.  I LOVE being in training.  Counting down the days til my plan kicks off on June 3rd!
  • I’m SUPER excited about my Twin Cities Marathon training plan.  Stay tuned.
  • Sometimes things that seem sucky end up having a point and making things better than ever.  Huh?  Nevermind.
  • My daughter is speedy!  She lettered in the 800m today in track with a 5:17ish pace.  Girl’s got kick.  So excited for her!
  • Confession:  My bike is ready to roll, but I am super nervous to ride it.  I know I need to suck it up and just ride – and will love it again once I do.  But I stopped so early last year (early September) that all I can seem to remember are the 4 falls I had.  Must quit being a baby and just ride.
  • Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Sunday.  Who’s running?

Thursday Thoughts: Red Wine Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Why does red wine have to taste so good?
  • 5ks suck.  They hurt.  But I’m thinking of focusing on shorter stuff after Boston until early July and then just doing a 12 week training plan for Twin Cities.  Especially after reading this article today:  Go Short from Runners World.  Plus, if I focus on shorter stuff, I’ll be able to spend more time doing fun summer stuff like cycling and drinking cold beer and eating delicious dairy queen blizzards, instead of spending hours running a gazillion miles.
  • Despite the foregoing – I’m halfway thinking that I should take up ultra running.  Why? Because my eating is OUT OF CONTROL.  So I might need extra miles to keep off the extra pounds.
  • I talked with a friend today about her challenges with weaning her 3 year old from his nuk.  Those days seem like SO long ago.   Cliche coming up here:  Where did the years go?  Seriously.
  • I love that my 15 year old texted me at 10:00 this morning and told me that she just got back from a run – on her spring break when it was 15 degrees outside.  Love it.
  • Why does red wine have to taste so good? 🙂

Thursday Thoughts: 26.2 Miles Here I Come Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • I am SO pysched to be heading to Phoenix to run 26.2.  Of course I’m hoping for the stars to align and me to have a fabulous race.  But even if they don’t align, I’ll be running another marathon – and that’s something.
  • Searches that led people to my blog this week:  “Phoenix Marathon elite” (ha hah ha.  Being COACHED by an elite doesn’t quite make me elite.  But a girl can dream); “Mother-In-Law Naked” (what’s wrong with you people?); “f bomb paperweight” (yep, they exist and I have one; thanks Mindi!); “treasure what you have” (I do.  Every single day.)
  • I love this post by Mindi on Salty Running about the Boston Marathon.  Why?  Because it confirmed in my mind that my goal of running my first Boston for FUN is right (for me).  I don’t want to run by Fenway and not notice it.  Stay tuned for a MAJOR increase in my Boston blogging after I get this other marathon done with!
  • My thoughts on the Chicago Marathon registration cluster f$*k:  Relax.  There are other marathons.
  • I can’t wait to cross this bad boy and get myself a celebration ale:

Phoenix finish line

Thursday Thoughts: January Chill Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • The weather gods are forecasting below zero temps for the high on Monday.  Whose still running outside with me???  As long as it’s not icy, a little cold doesn’t bother me.
  • Life got hard all the sudden.  I hate seeing people I love struggle. 
  • Running on a treadmill in a normal bra (as opposed to a sport bra) is interesting. But it’s better than skipping a workout because I didn’t pack appropriately! 🙂
  • My training plan has been SO different than what I’ve done in the past.  It makes it SO much easier to get out the door in the freezing cold when it’s not the same old.
  • I’m loving exploring running routes around the new house.  It’s so much hillier!  Good strength training.
  • There will be plenty of F-bombs in my workout tomorrow.  5 x 2.5 miles.  Yikes!
  • Did anyone see that one of my Besties got married?  Such a romantic wedding!
  • What Fall marathons are people doing?  I’m leaning towards Twin Cities because it will be less expensive than traveling and because I love it!

Thursday Thoughts: Toys, Toys and More Toys Edition

Yes, I know.  I’m early.  It’s not quite Thursday yet.  But by the time anyone reads this, it might be.

TFT toys

Anyone want to count and sort these toys for me?

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Toys For Tots craziness is in full gear.  My waking hours AND my sleeping hours are filled with visions of Barbies, Hot Wheels, puzzles and games.  The madness (mostly) ends next Saturday the 15th.  My hours between now and then will be filled with shopping, counting, sorting, reporting.  Repeat.  Repeat. Repeat.
  • Searches that led people to my blog this week:  “Beer” (note to self:  must start blogging less about beer and more about running);  “It’s almost thursday” (EXACTLY!  That’s why I decided to do my Thursday Thoughts post tonight!); “Life is good running” (Agree!); “Running for cake” (Is there any better reason to run?)
  • Double digit mid-week runs this week!  Woot!  My favorite!  10.1 miles yesterday and 10.4 miles today.  Love getting in 10 miles before most normal people even hit their snooze button for the first time.
  • Did I mention that besides the Toys For Tots craziness, ramping up the miles, holiday shopping and that thing called work – that I’m also trying to pack the house because I’m moving the first week in January?!?  Deep breaths.  Serenity now. 🙂

Thursday Thoughts: It’s Almost December Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Thank goodness I didn’t run CIM.  Sounds like they are expecting nasty rain and wind.
  • I hate seeing my kids struggle.  I wish I could ease the struggle for them and fix all the wrongs.  But I know that part of life is dealing with the struggles.  It just makes me hurt so much to see them struggle.
  • It’s 9:30 p.m. and my calves feel ok!  Woot!  When I did the backwards downhill walking two weeks ago, my calves were starting to really hurt about 8:00 p.m.  Fingers crossed that I don’t wake up in pain!  (I did pilates, tons of foam rolling and epsom bath and Summit beer tonight as preventative pain measures!)
  • I feel really good so far in this training cycle.  I think alot of it has to do with the slooooow miles that I’m running.  And today I got an email from coach telling me for my 7 miles tomorrow to slow it down even more.  The weird thing is that I don’t mind because I feel like the slow miles are helping.  I used to feel irritated by slow miles – like they were a waste.  I’ve changed my attitude about them!
  • Dinner tonight was Stacy’s Gingerbread Pita Chips (LOVE those things!) and Summit.
  • Crazy that it’s almost December already.  Where are they months going?

Thursday Thoughts: Blonde Moment Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Can a former-blonde-turned-brunette have Blonde Moments?  Cause I had a major one today with the morning’s hill workout.  It’s actually way too embarrassing to even publicly admit, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that I’m an idiot.  In the interest of full disclosure and trying to be a good trainee, I confessed the details of my Blonde Moment to my coach via email.  He hasn’t responded.  He’s probably running for the hills, wondering WTF he got himself into with me.
  • Good news!  I did NOT fall down this morning while I walked down a fairly steep hill backwards.  10 times.  Must only be when I’m running or biking that I fall.
  • News flash:  Walking down a fairly steep hill backwards hurts.  At first I was fine.  But now, 15 hours later, the back of my calves HURT!  I’m thinking tomorrow’s recovery run is gonna be an ultra slow one.
  • Coach had me go to a sports medicine doc for some blood tests, to test hemoglobin, ferritin and hemocrit – just to make sure I’m in normal range and don’t have any issues (other than the obvious two left feet issue).  So today was the day that I went to the doc to go over my results.  My heart DROPPED when THREE doctors walked in the room with my chart and shook my hand.  I seriously thought that my blood test must have showed that I was dying or had a rare disease or something.  Turns out my tests were all completely normal.  Guess it must have been a slow morning and the docs just needed to triple bill the insurance company or something.  Or maybe word of my morning’s Blonde Moment spread quickly & they wanted to see me for themselves . . .
  • Meg’s cross country banquet was tonight.  So inspiring to see her.  She received the Committment to Excellence award – based on dedication.   Just like mom – she may not be the fastest, but she is SO dedicated and loves running so much.  I love it!


Thursday Thoughts: Life Is Good Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts (I know, it’s not Thursday yet, but by the time anyone reads this, it will be).

  • My daughter has her driving permit.  Yikes!
  • I got the new book “Hansons Marathon Method” (billed as a “renegade path to your fastest marathon”).  I’m liking what I have read so far.  And I’m feeling very much like a renegade, so very seriously contemplating giving it a try.  Stay tuned.
  • A friend emailed me with some running questions, looking for advice about his upcoming marathon in New York.  Two thoughts:  1) I’m flattered that people look to ME for marathon advice.  2) New York will be his third world major marathon this year (Boston, Chicago and now New York).  What an amazing year for him!
  • You may be wondering why I’m up this late (for me) blogging. Meg is hosting the girls from her cross country team for a sleepover.  On a work night.  And I’m drinking red wine to get through the chaos supervising. They bought white running bras and used fabric paint and decorated them.  I need to convince our running group to do that
  • Sometimes you just need to say “I’m done” and move on.
  • I am at a point with just about everything in my life where I can say “Life Is Good”! 🙂

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