Taper = Training

Taper is hard work.

It’s HARD to relax, sleep in on a Saturday and only run for 90 minutes.  Seriously.  I feel more at ease when I’m going, going, going.  When I’m sitting around – relaxing – I feel guilty and lazy.  Call me Type A.

So this past week – when my total mileage has only been 33 miles – I’ve been trying to look at taper – at relaxing – differently.  And my new and improved taper-mindset is working.  I’m trying to look at taper as training.  Instead of looking at is as cutting back and a license to eat and drink like a pig and be lazy, I’m looking at it as a time to repair my muscles from the beating they’ve taken the last 14 weeks.  I’m making a conscious effort to NOT go crazy with projects and house cleaning and things that are on my to-do list, which I now have extra time for.  Instead, I’m making an effort to take more epsom baths, do foam rolling, sleep more and – gasp – just kick my feet up and read a book.  All with the mindset that it’s not laziness – it’s training.  I’m trying to rest the legs, body and mind so that I get spring in my step and focus my mind.

6 more days of training.

Phoenix Marathon Week 15 recap

Miles run: 33.6

Pilates: 3 times


  • M: 50 minutes running (about 5.25 miles); pilates
  • T: pilates
  • W: 6 miles (9:00)
  • Th: 7.8 miles (8:12) w/ 2 miles (7:40), 2 x 1 mile (7:28; 7:23); 4 x 200 (6:00 pace)
  • F: 5 miles (9:49)
  • Sa: 90 minutes (9.55 miles at 9:26)
  • Su: REST

6 days til Race Day!


Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Today was a very productive day at work.  I spent the entire day finalizing my Chicago Marathon packing list and fantasizing about crossing the finish line with a big fat PR doing lots of important lawyer stuff.

Anyone else find it impossible to concentrate during the final days of taper?!?  Tick tock, tick tock.  Only 1 more work day til I leave for Chicago!

Chicago Marathon Training, Week #14 recap

Chicago Marathon Training, Week 14 recap

  • Miles run: 44.5
  • Pilates: 3 times
  • Core: 3 times

The details:

  • M: 7 miles (8:03 w/ 4 miles faster 7:46, 7:33, 7:24, 7:19)
  • T: 8 miles (8:42)
  • W: rest
  • Th: 8 miles (w/ 10 x 400m intervals)
  • F: 5.5 miles (8:42); pilates
  • Sa: 16 miles (8:18)
  • Su: pilates

13 days til race day!

This was the first week of taper, but really it was just like a normal “cut back” week and didn’t feel much like taper.  Though I have to admit that feeling like complete crap on yesterday’s run made me think that I need to REALLY taper now.  So for the next two weeks I’m trying to shove work/life stress aside, get extra sleep, eat and drink better and cut back the miles (but leave in quality a couple times a week).

I’m SO excited for Chicago!

The Thing That Sucks About Taper . . .

is that sometimes a person really NEEDS to run – because life is complicated and sometimes nothing helps more than a good cry while running really hard and really fast.  But I already ran 8 miles (with 10 x 400m fast repeats) this morning.  So I’ll resist.


Taper Time!

I’m trying to look at taper differently this time around.  Instead of being irritated that I have to take days off of running, I’m trying to think of my days off as training.  Because, really, the taper is so important – to allow the body to recover from all the hard training and to ready itself to run 26.2 fast.  So I’m trying to sleep a bit extra (which is hard because work has been crazy busy), eat and drink better (or at least not eat and drink like total crap) and I’m spending some of the time that I would be running doing core and/or pilates instead.  So far so good.  But I’ve only had one rest day. 🙂 Stay tuned.

In other exciting news, I’m still not officially in to Boston.  Despite BAA’s proclamation that we won’t hear until after 5:00 p.m. Friday, I’m still obsessively checking my email and the confirmed entrant list – hoping for good news earlier.   But I have booked a hotel for April.  🙂

Weird searches that led people to my blog this week:  “Let my mother in law see me naked” (WTF people??); “cute running shoes”  (just be sure they are also comfy!); “escape stress lawyer” (I recommend a good 20 mile run, that always does the trick for me!); “running marathon naked” (yikes!).

Oh – and remember when I said I was doing the Iron Girl Duathlon?  Well, don’t look for a race report.  I’m bailing.  It scares me and stresses me to think about biking around so many people.  So I’m out.

Random Thursday Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • The taper crazies have set in.  I feel like a slug with so much resting and inactivity.  I can’t wait for Sunday so I can run 26.2 miles!
  • I had some really good advice for a friend earlier this week.   Then last night it occurred to me that I need to follow my own advice about the very same thing.  Lesson:  Listen to myself.  I’m smart.  🙂
  • Along the same lines.  I swear I can predict the future sometimes.  I predict good things coming up. 🙂
  • Funny search of the week that landed someone on my blog:  “running a marathon naked”.  And I thought I had issues.  (And why would they end up on my blog??)
  • I found out my hotel is literally 1/2 a block from the start line of the marathon.  Love it!  Extra sleep and no worries about bag check or throw away clothes.  Just roll out the door and run.


Taking a break and relaxing is hard for me.  I would rather be running.  Biking (even falling off of it).  Anything, really.  But I get through taper by reminding myself that taking a break and relaxing is just as integral to success on race day as the hard workouts are.  So today I forced myself to sleep in (which, for me, is 5:30 a.m.).  The extra sleep actually did feel good.

And, is it bad that my marathon hasn’t even been run and already I’m looking at the calendar wondering if I can squeeze another one in between Lansing and Chicago?  🙂

Also got a fun email with new pictures of my puppy. He appears to be relaxing, just like me.  Only 5 more weeks til I get him!

Go Away, Negative Thoughts!

Today was a shitty day, filled with imaginary (hopefully!) hamstring tweaks, work stress and life stress.  Topped off with my infamous self-doubt, which I thought I would be able to keep buried this time around, but which started to creep in today when I thought about Sunday.  Uggggg.  I’m doing my best to think positive, push aside the doubts/negative thoughts and focus on other things.  But I’m having a hard time.  Gonna try to rest tonight and hopefully tomorrow and Friday and Saturday will be better days.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, the good news is that I have been SO insanely busy that I haven’t had time for the Taper Crazies to set in.  i.e. NO checking the weather at all, let alone 7000 times a day; no dwelling on every little ache and pain in my body, imagining that each one is a crippling injury that will screw up my race; no obsessing over mile splits and race goals (ok – I did that last week on the plane to DC, but not at all since then).

What have I been busy with?  My law firm (i.e. ME) is hiring another attorney.  And moving into a bigger office space (same building at least!).  And, as you can imagine, there are a million and one things that need to be done to hire a new attorney.  And this Toys For Tots stuff is way more time consuming than I imagined.

It’s all good.  Just insanely busy.

My running is feeling fabulous.  Cut back on the mileage, increase the intensity.  I feel so excited and ready for next weekend!

Here’s another thing I’ve been busy with:  Picture session with me and the new attorney, with casual outdoor photos for our website so we don’t look so lawyerly!

Don’t worry, I’m forcing myself to stop work stuff and rest at 8:00 each night!  Whatever doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done.  It’ll be there for me after the marathon.


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