Winsor, Walking & Wine, oh my!

Today's schedule said, "Rest.  No Running. Active Recovery Optional (Hike, Bike, Walk, Stretch, etc.)" I understand the whole active recovery concept, but it's hard for me not to do slow recovery runs.  But, I'm gonna trust in the plan/coach and do what I'm told. So I started the day off with some Winsor ( pilates …

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Kicking off the 4th!

Norah's been with us a year now in June! My 4th of July weekend will be filled with a bunch of roasted marshmallows and s'mores! My baby turned 12 this week! Just some random pictures to start your 4th of July weekend off.  We're heading to the North Shore for family fun, hiking, s'mores and …

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I’m back!

That was a long week of eating, drinking and no fitnessing!  It was necessary, but I am SO READY to be done with it.  I can't believe that there are people who live like that all the time.  I felt so OFF all week. The good news:  I walked 5 miles yesterday (2.5 miles in …

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Recovery, Cindi-Style!

  A lot of people recover from marathons by doing light cross training or a reverse taper (take your training plan from taper and work backwards).   Me?  Because I think this time I may have really injured something, I'm recovering a bit differently.*  I'm doing one week of absolutely no fitness activity, coupled with eating …

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Today I feel . . .

Thanks to all for the positive comments regarding Grandma's. Here is how I am feeling today: I am sore (worse than all previous marathons except the first one).  I am popping advil every couple of hours and it's not helping. I am depressed. I am mad that I'm too sore to run (and probably injured, …

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Recovery, week #1

Recovery Week #1 recap: M: rest T:  rest W:  bike (40 minutes) Th: rest F:  bike (42 minutes, was going for 60, but got bored) Sa:  rest Su:  pilates I feel sufficiently rested, recovered and ready to run!  Truthfully, I feel fat and lazy.  Gonna do an early morning easy run tomorrow - can't wait!