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7 Tips For Marathon Recovery

The searches that lead people to my blog usually entertain me.   Sometimes they actually make me think of blog post ideas.  Today someone searched “Marathon running and barley beer drinking recovery” and found MY blog.  Well all right.  That … Continue reading

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Running Away From Me

Marathon recovery week, #1 M: rest T: rest W: bike 8 easy miles (no falls!) Th: rest F: pilates Sa: pilates Su: 5.2 miles (9:09) My first run back yesterday was the best first post-marathon run ever.  No creakiness or … Continue reading

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The Truth About Post Marathon Recovery

Here is how I recover for one week post marathon:  I eat like shit – loads of crappy food and tons of treats.  I drink too much red wine and too much beer.   I stay up late (drinking and … Continue reading

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Training for Wine Country (and Twin Cities recovery)

I am, apparently, very lazy disciplined when it comes to recovery and taking time off of running, post-marathon. Recovery from Twin Cities Marthon PR/BQ, week #1: Miles run:  ZERO Cross-training:  power-walked 3 days (i.e. at a pace that got me breathing heavy, … Continue reading

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I’m out of control!

I’m taking my own marathon recovery advice a bit too seriously. I’m on Day #3 of ZERO physical activity or stretching or anything remotely resembling exercise. I’m on Day #3 of crazy-out-of-control eating.  I am a little embarrassed to admit … Continue reading

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ZZZZ’s improve athletic recovery and performance!

Sleep is on my mind today!  Why? Carter wasn’t feeling good last night so he went to bed at 6:00 and he just now woke up – 14 hours later!  Guess his body was telling him he needed some sleep! … Continue reading

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