Thursday Thoughts: Massage Mike Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Holy crap – I had the best massage ever tonight.  I went to Massage Mike at my club and everything I had heard about him from different running ladies was true.  He worked my muscles in ways that I didn’t know they could work (and in which they desperately needed to be worked).  Normally with a massage I’m just laying there.  This dude propped body parts up  in goofy ways so he could work what needed working.  And it worked. 🙂
  • I needed the massage because I’ve been sore since the 50 mile bike ride Sunday.  My right hamstring was aggravated a bit (remember when I screwed it up on my 40th birthday last year?)  But the main thing I’ve been experiencing is soreness in my inner lower thighs, near the knee.  Massage Mike said this is from the hip adductors working to stabilize me when I work one leg at a time (which you do when you do the downstoke on cycling, he says).   It was so bothersome (not painful like hurt hurt, just sore) that I cut my 10 miler off at 7 miles today and I’m taking a COMPLETE rest day tomorrow.  I would way rather be cautious than end up screwed up.
  • This week has been a crappy eating week – I’m back to eating 2, 3, 4 or more treats a day.  My new favorite blizzard:  French Silk Pie.  Those things rock!  But, ugggggg, I’m feeling large and icky.  Must gain some control back.  Starting tomorrow.
  • We did mile repeats on Wednesday with the group.  For the most part I liked them and was pleased with the performance.  6:55, 7:22, 6:41, 6:37.  He had us back down on repeat #2 to touch-faster than HM pace.  It’s hard to compare where I’m at to previous training cycles because we are doing different  stuff.  But when I go back and look at mile paces in general, I’m faster.  And – most importantly – I FELT strong and faster.  I didn’t feel like these repeats at these paces were killing me.
  • Passage from earlier this week in my daily meditation book, which came at just the right time (yes, again!) and which has so much meaning for me right now with some life stuff:  Trust the timing of your lessons.  We’re here to learn our lessons, discover our truths, have our adventures.  Let yourself have your experiences.  Allow yourself to learn what you learn when you learn it.  Be happy, grateful and excited when your lesson arrives.  Trust your voice, that quiet inner voice, when it speaks to you of truth.  Be grateful you can hear it; do what it tells you to do.  Trust the timing of your heart.

Where Have The Years Gone??

SO cliche, but where the heck have the years gone?  It does NOT seem like just 8 years ago Meg was starting kindergarten!  Doesn’t she look sweet?

What’s up with my hair flipping up?  So 2003.

And now she is in HIGHSCHOOL!  (Highschool starts in 8th grade in our school district). Crazy!

Highschool!  And turning 14 on Thursday!

And my baby, Carter, is in 7th grade!

But I have to admit I am LOVING that the kids are back in school and we can get a routine going again.  9:00 bedtime again!  For me too!  Yes! Here’s to a great school year!

And in running news, lots of conversation and thoughts about marathon goals today, which was somewhat scary but mostly exciting.  Working with coach on some key workouts the next two weeks to come up with the right goal pace, but the theme of the day was DREAM BIG.  So fun and exciting!

Thursday Thoughts – Last Week of Summer Vacation Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • I like all-out speed workouts better than ones where we try to run a certain controlled pace.  I feel like it’s more of a workout, ya know?  This morning’s speed (all out, with goal to make second ladder within 4 seconds of 1st ladder set): 1 mile (6:54), 800 (3:11), 400 (1:30), 400 (1:28), 800 (3;13), 1 mile (6:57) all out.  Felt hard, but do-able.  Love it!
  • This morning’s speed workout was the first one in almost a month where I didn’t feel like I need to hold back or be cautious at all because of the hammy.  SO thankful!
  • Went to high school orientation with Meg last night.  Yikes!  She’s ready for this.  I’m not!
  • When I was running on my own, I felt like garmin and the pace I “should be” running held me back a bit.  With the group it definitely pushes me, but I feel like maybe the place that I/coach/the others think I “should be” is also holding me back a bit.  Does that make sense?  There seems to be a pecking order in terms of who “should be” fast and we all line up in that order and sort of go with it.  I’m not gonna let it limit me.  If I feel like I can keep up, or even go ahead of, someone who “should be” faster than me, I’m gonna go with it.
  • I am SO ready for the last long weekend of the summer.
  • My exciting work news:  I hired an attorney!  Lots of craziness going on with getting things in place for her to start at the end of the month!

Thursday Thoughts – State Fair edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Minnesota State Fair starts today.  We’re not going until the last day (when we’re seeing Maroon 5 and Train!  Yeah!).  BUT, my mouth is already watering for Sweet Martha’s cookies and a White Razzie Puppie (new this year: White-chocolate-stuffed Belgian waffle dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with raspberry sauce).  Yum!
  • Track workout today was fun.  3 x 1 miles at 10k pace, with first lap a bit slower, then getting progressively faster on each lap to work on closing pace.  Then 1 mile of 100m fast, 100m recover.  Repeat.  I was a little nervous about how the hammy would react to the speed, but it was totally fine. SO relieved.
  • Meg is on a training trip with her cross country team.  3 days/2 nights in St. Cloud, with 2 or 3 workouts a day, good eats, fun times in hotel and team bonding. I want to do that!  Would it be weird if I suggest to coach that we go on a group training trip?!  If only this life and job thing would quit interfering with my running!
  • I signed up for a 10k on Labor Day.  The Victory 10k.  Let’s hope this one is better than my Heart of the Summer 10k pacing disaster!

Thursday Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • I probably shouldn’t have started Operation Spin Dry until AFTER my (soon to be) 14 year old daughter’s birthday shin-dig, which consists of me watching six 13 and 14 year old girls at our cabin for 2 days.  Yikes! A couple bottles of vino sure would calm the nerves during this event.  The fun starts tonight.  Wish me luck!
  • Don’t you hate it when 9 year olds kick your ass on the track?  Coach brought his 9 year old daughter to our workout this morning and I am sad to say that she beat me on 400s and 200s.  (My hammy issue flared up, so I ended up stepping off the pace.  Otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten my butt kicked quite so badly!)
  • My friend (a non-runner) is training for Twin Cities 10 mile.   We were talking about people (like me) being crabby when we can’t run.  She said she’s still at the point in this training thing where she is crabby on the days that she has to run.  I love it so much that it’s hard for me to imagine running making people crabby!  (And, for the record, she’s the one who convinced me to sign up for the 10 mile in 2006, which was the beginning of me falling in love with this running thing; she’s one of those non-runners who will ocassionally sign up for a race, do a half-assed training cycle and end up kicking butt!)
  • Minneapolis 13.1 on Sunday.  I haven’t raced a half marathon in ages.  I’m excited to give it a try.  I’ll think more about racing/pacing strategy and blog about it tonight (to distract me from the teenage drama at the cabin shindig!)
  • Meghan’s cross country practice officially started this week.  They are doing two-a-days.  I’m jealous!  I would love to run and workout twice a day.  Any ideas on a job where I can just run and not do this law thing?
  • Quote from the slide show at the high school athletic department parent/student meeting:  The only one that limits yourself is you.  (Love it!  So true, with me.  When I look back at races its me and my negative self talk and doubts that have limited my performance.)
  • Confession:  I only made it two full days in Operation Spin Dry without having a beer.  But, in my defense, it really is impossible to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and not have a beer, isn’t it?  At least I got a grilled chicken sandwhich and limited myself to 1 beer.  That’s good, right?
  • Guess what I started back up this week?  Pilates!  And strength training!  I’ve slacked on these for 3 weeks.  It feels so good to be doing them again.  I think they are necessary, for me, to keep the Old Body in shape.
Happy Thursday!

This weekend brought to you by #16!

This weekend is brought to you by the number 16.

16 years of marriage on Friday!

Dang, we look young.

Wow! 16 years.  That seems like a lot.  Ryan and I met in college and had actually known each other 5 years before marriage, so dating/marriage for 21 years.  That’s approaching a marathon worth of years together!  And like a marathon, we’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end it’s been worth it!  🙂  Especially with these two cuties as a result of our marriage!

16 miles of long run on Sunday!

I’m a bit nervous about the long run.  This week has been challenging with some leg issues cropping up Monday morning and forcing me to rest, cut back the mileage and cut out the speedwork.  Crossing my fingers that I’m good to go for the long run on Sunday (after resting on Saturday)

Here’s to a great weekend filled with celebrating and running!

Perfect weather = perfect day!

Today was one of those absolutely perfect weather days that just makes EVERYTHING seem so much better and brighter.  Highlights of the day:

  • Starting the day off with Norah licking my face, telling me it’s time to wake up and run.
  • Running 8 miles at 8:36 pace and having it feel effortless (and no groin tweaks or twinges – yeah!)
  • No humidity.  Woot!  65 when I woke up, 85 and sunny mid-day.
  •  Having our rotary meeting outside at a park with a BBQ (and cookies!)
  • Carter telling me that the dinner I made rocked!  I went all out and made chilli cheese dogs.  🙂
  • DQ came out with a Nutter Butter blizzard.  I’m on my way to test one out now.  Stay tuned for the full report!
Ladder speed workout tomorrow morning with focus on different goal race paces for each distance.  Fun!

You Know You’re a Runner When . . .

I totally stole this blog post idea from Kara.  Check out her awesome blog when you have a minute!


You Know You’re a Runner When . . .

You drive up a monster of a hill and make a mental note to yourself to remember this hill for your next round of hill repeats. 

Your main criteria for a hotel when you are traveling is its proximity to running trails or a treadmill.

The family all go out of town leaving you alone for the weekend and you sign up for a 10k.

Your stack of clean clothes (mostly Nike tempo shorts and tanks!) towers over the rest of the family’s stacks.

Most of the books on your book shelf have the word “run” in their titles.

You know that it is exactly 1.37 miles from your driveway into town.

Someone tells you they ran a 3:40 marathon and you immediately know they ran an 8:24 pace  (Ok, maybe this is just me who knows this because I want that 3:40 so badly!)

The first thing that pops into your mind when someone refers to LSD is “Long Slow Distance” and not the psychedelic drug.

The school nurse calls to tell you that you have to pick up your sick child and your first thought isn’t “oh, what’s wrong with my poor child”, it’s “Dang, now how am I going to get my run in today?”.

The hotel fire alarm goes off the night before your 7th marathon and you grab your race bib, garmin and running shoes so you can still make it to the start line if the hotel burns down.  (Ok, I also grabbed my purse and my stuffed bear that I’ve been sleeping with for 33+ years, but still . . .)

Your turn.  How do you know your a runner?!

Kicking off the 4th!

Norah’s been with us a year now in June!

My 4th of July weekend will be filled with a bunch of roasted marshmallows and s’mores!

My baby turned 12 this week!

Just some random pictures to start your 4th of July weekend off.  We’re heading to the North Shore for family fun, hiking, s’mores and running in cooler weather.  Today it was 83 degrees and ultra soupy when I stepped outside for 3 recovery miles.  Nothing like soupy weather to force a recovery pace.  My average pace was 10:19 and that was as fast as I could move!

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