Minocqua “No Frills” Marathon Race Report

The Minocqua No Frills Marathon was marathon number 16 for me.  I loved it.  Definitely in my top 5 favorite. My goal for the race was to finish 4 minutes under my Boston Qualifying time, which is 3:55.  So I was hoping for a 3:51. I ended up with a 3:56:23.  Not what I had …

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Taper time!

Taper time! After completing 15 marathons, I've become pretty good at tapering.  Things I know I need to do (or not do) during taper: Get lots of rest. Not second guess my training. It's done. It can't be changed. So there is absolutely NO benefit to second guessing whether I should have added another run …

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Up Next: Minocqua Marathon!

Well that didn't take long. I'm officially registered for another marathon! After Med-City Marathon was a bust, I waffled between finding another marathon to run soon - like NOW - or waiting until the Fall.  A sore throat and cough developed and so made the decision easy. I am officially registered for the Minocqua "No …

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