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Heart Rate Doesn’t Lie

I was going to title this blog post “2 Mile Repeats Suck A$$”.  Because after we ran 3 x 2 miles (at all out; goal MP for 1/2 mile then progressively faster; and at goal MP for 1 mile then … Continue reading

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Don’t Out Run Yourself

This week – the past couple weeks actually – I’ve been constantly questioning MB, my  running coach.  I’ve been asking about the point of various workouts.  Asking for more miles.  Asking about what the upcoming workouts are for the week, … Continue reading

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Trying to get my speed back!

Did random intervals this morning, just to try to get my body used to doing semi-speedy stuff again.  Finished 5 miles with 400m (6:49 pace), 800m (7:13 pace), 1 mile (7:49), 800m (7:30 pace).  It felt ok.  Not horrible, but … Continue reading

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44 is the number of the day.  Not 44 miles, 44 Toys For Tots boxes! There’s a law office behind those boxes somewhere! I spent my morning putting together 44 drop boxes (and taping signs on them) for the Toys … Continue reading

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The Return of the 400’s

Remember pre-Twin Cities, when I whipped out 12x400m at around 1:34 +/- and I blogged that 1:45 for 400m seemed awkward and slow?  Well today I brought back the 400’s.  Except I only did 5 of them (1:40, 1:48, 1:45, … Continue reading

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Today was interval workout.  The training group is doing it tomorrow, but I’m going to DC, so I got it done bright and early today, by myself.  Old school (for me) – around the neighborhood on the roads instead of … Continue reading

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