Donut run!

Loved today’s long run for a bunch of reasons:

  • It was with the group and running with them is good for me.  It motivates me to go faster/harder than I would on my own.  It also forces me to get out and be social, which is desperately needed after months of focusing too much on work and life craziness.
  • Hills!  They have been lacking in my training this time around.  But between last week’s hilly 21 miles and this week’s hilly 17 miles, I should be good for racing in Lansing (which is supposedly flat; anyone know if this is really the case?)
  • 17 miles, with hills and a bunch of marathon paced miles that didn’t feel like MP miles, which is always a nice feeling.  17  miles, 8:21 pace avg.
  • Good times.  Good conversation with KH and Jen, made the time and miles fly by.  Plus I got some good baking, fashion and self defense tips.  Fun stuff.
  • The best part:  DONUTS!  We started our run from the parking lot of Yo-Yo Donuts, so when we were done with 17 miles we pigged out on yummy donuts and coffee.  I’m gonna talk to coach about starting all our runs from there.  So good.


I’m gonna admit it:  I’m jealous of all the Boston peeps.  Most of the running group is doing Boston, so there is excitement in the air.  I think I’M more excited about it than they are (most of them have run it before).  I can’t wait next year when I get my Boston chance, finally.  I’m gonna be crazy obsessed with the picture taking and blogging.  So be ready, readers.


Oh Happy Day!

Today was the day I’ve been eagerly anticipating, literally, for weeks! Caribou gingerbread release day!  Oh Happy Day!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been asking every day at the local Caribou when the gingerbread would be coming out for the fall/christmas season.   Last week they told me it would be on November 10th.  So you can imagine HOW excited I was when I walked in to Caribou today and saw this:

Yum!  I LOVE this stuff.  Love gingerbread and love love love the frosting!  This stuff seriously puts me in an instant good mood and a huge smile on my face.  How many days are there from now til Christmas?  47?  There is a good chance I’ll eat at least 40 pieces of this stuff before then.  Maybe  more.


In other exciting running news, Meg’s class had a timed mile in gym today.  She was the fastest girl, second fasted kid overall, with a 6:14!  I KNOW I couldn’t run that fast now. Even pre-TCM I think I would have been around 6:20.  She is so pumped about how fast she went!

I’m out of control!

I’m taking my own marathon recovery advice a bit too seriously.

I’m on Day #3 of ZERO physical activity or stretching or anything remotely resembling exercise.

I’m on Day #3 of crazy-out-of-control eating.  I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but yesterday I ate:

Caribou Muffin

Applebees (cheeseburger, fries and a beer)

Dairy Queen (reese’s peanut butter cup blizzard)


Buffalo Wild Wings (wings and beer and onion rings) 

Yes, you read that right.  That was all in one day!  And in between those things I snacked on clif bars and potato chips.  And my beer at Applebees was at lunch.  On a work day.  I am crazy and out of control!  Today was a tiny bit better, but not much.

The weird thing is that usually by this time I’m missing running and wanting to get in some type of exercise (and I actually am doing cross training by now typically).  But I have been so insanely busy with work and life that I haven’t even had time to think about missing exercise.

Tomorrow I’m gonna get a walk in in the morning.  Only so I can make room for more Dairy Queen blizzards.

All in the name of recovery, right?

Healthy Eating: Out and About!

Today at Rotary we had someone speak to us as part 2 of a 6 part wellness series.  It was on Healthy Eating:  Out and About.  All kinds of tips on how to eat better when you are out to eat at restaurants or fast food.  Basics:  tell them not to bring rolls or tortilla chips (but that’s my favorite part!); split a meal with someone (or box up 1/2 of it from the get-go); pick red sauce instead of white (but the white is so much better!).  Blah blah blah.  All stuff that I know, but never do.

So, here is (literally!) Monday’s food intake:

Breakfast:  bran muffin and a sugar donut and coffee

Lunch:  Medium nutter butter blizzard (I skipped the lunch and went back to hotel and hit DQ on the way back)

Late afternoon Happy Hour:  3 mich golden draft lights

Pre-dinnner drinks/apps:  2 small slices of pizza, about 8 crackers, 2 bud lights (or maybe 3??)

Late Dinner:  5 pepperroni pizza rolls from old chicago (Damn, those things are GOOD and YES I ate the whole plate to myself); 3 honey weiss and an ice water (I just remembered at the end of the day that I should hydrate).

Looks like the Healthy Eating seminar should have come last week!

Crappy food searches

Searches of the day that landed people on my blog:

  • “Jimmy Johns loaded with sodium”
  • “smores perfect”
Hmmm, maybe I need to blog about running more, and the crappy food I eat a little bit less??  
So, running related highlights:  Something is funky with my left groin.  (That ought to get lots of pervs searching and ending up on my blog! ) Seriously, it got tweaked (hurt, actually) doing pilates scissors kicks on Sunday night.  WTF?  So I skipped my Monday run and was a COMPLETE slug on Monday.  This morning’s run was fine, but something still feels a little tweaked with the groin.  Hoping that the beers and desserts that I ate tonight at the Neighborhood Night Out help heal whatever the issues is.  (Dang, there I go blogging about drinks and treats again!)

My Happy Place

I decided that 400 meters is My Happy Place (for speedy stuff; in life my Happy Place is eating bakery cake with butter cream frosting and pink roses!)

Shorter than 400m and it’s too quick, my turnover isn’t quite there.  Longer than 400m (on a track at least; I still think i prefer doing my speedy stuff on my normal running trail) and I get irritated.  My pace on 400m repeats seems decent – I can keep the speedy runners just in front of me; on longer repeats I fade and fall behind the speedy runners.  I don’t get irritated or discouraged on 400 meters because there is a quick end in sight.

Today’s workout:  w/u; 2 miles of sprinting the straight, recovery jog on curve, repeat; 2 x 400m all out (fun!); 1 x 800m at 5k pace; c/d

I got up early and got to the track before everyone else and did 1.5 miles at my slow warm up pace, then more warm up with the group (their warm up pace is just about my marathon pace!).   The speedy part of this workout was meant to be a cut-back workout (because the last two weeks have been harder speed workouts).  When I looked at it on paper, I thought it would be easy.  I mean, it’s just 100m of sprinting at a time, followed by recovery jog.  But 16 of these little sprints, at a crazy fast pace when I’m trying not to get completely dusted by the other speedy runners, sort of wore me down.  By the time I was done with a mile, I was exhausted and my legs felt like jello.  I’m sure it was because I was trying to keep the speedsters not too far in front of me.  But by the 8th 100m sprint, I faded.  Ugggg.  Frustrating that I can’t seem to sustain the speedy stuff for as long as everyone else.  After resting a few minutes, we did 2 x 400m all out (with one minute rest in between).  I loved these!  Very manageable.  Paces were 6:24 and 6:15.  Then came the 800m, which wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t fun like the 400’s.  Pace: 6:56  We wrapped up with 2 one minute planks and 2 30 second side planks on the field.   Love strengthening the core!


In non-running news, we are working on slimming Norah down.

She just went to the vet and they said she is “not quite obese yet, but getting there”.   Apparently we’re supposed to be able to feel her ribs instead of just layers of flab and fur!  So, like me mixing things up with my running, we are starting to mix things up with Norah’s walking (and cut down on the cheetos that she eats!).  She normally just does a slow lap around the block (about .45 miles) a couple times a day.  Now we are trying to slowly walk her for longer and for more times a day.  This morning I took her on the trail, which ended up being good because she sees bikers and runners and trys to sprint after them.  Good for her metabolism!




Three of my favorite things:  Running, pink and cake!

In honor of today being National Running Day, I ran 7 miles this morning.  When I told my husband it was National Running Day, his comment was “Wow.  I’m surprised your not getting a cake to celebrate it.”  Brilliant!  I’m leaving work 15 minutes early so I can stop at the store and get us a cake, hopefully a pink one, to celebrate.

267.8 miles!

Finished May this morning with an 8 mile run, which put me at 267.8 miles for the month of May.  I haven’t gone back and looked through my runningahead log for the 4 years I’ve been tracking, but I think this month probably ranks right up there as the highest mileage month to date!

This morning’s speed workout sounded (relatively) easy:  4x400m, 2x1600m, 4x200m (with 200m recovery jog between intervals and 400m between sets) But the temp (68 degrees and humid) and the wind (20mph gusts) conspired against me to make it more challenging than it should have been.  When I looked at the workout on paper I figured it would be easy to FLY on the 200 meter intervals, since they are so short.  But I was tired and the legs were not moving well at that point, so the pace on the 200 meter intervals ended up being right around the 400m pace.  Weird.


  • 4 x 400m (6:35, 6:30, 6:33, 6:30)
  • 2x 1600m (7:10; 7:15)
  • 4x200m (6:24, 6:36, 6:27, 6:44)

Guess what I started doing again today?  Tracking my food/drinks on myplate.  Even though I swore that thing off because it was irritating and evil.  Why?  Because I’ve found that during taper I go a bit crazy with the eating and beer drinking.  I’ve had SUCH a strong training cycle this time around that I want to force myself to see things through all the way to race day.  So I figured if I’m tracking food maybe it will help me control my sweet tooth and beer drinking a bit, which may translate to a better race.*  Plus, I’ve been having the GI issues again recently (this morning too), so maybe watching what I put in my mouth will help.

*Which is not to say that I won’t be eating sweets and drinking beer, because I know that when I completely deprive myself it backfires and I binge even more!

See ya, My Plate.

As most of you who have been following me for any length of time know, I get GI issues when I run.  Randomly.  I haven’t entirely been able to pinpoint what triggers it.  I think dairy may be a factor (if I have milk or ice cream the night before a hard workout, I get GI issues).  But sometimes dairy doesn’t seem to trigger it.  Jen suggested that I keep a food diary for awhile to try to figure out the cause (dairy? wheat? fatty foods?).

So this week I started tracking what I eat on  – on their MyPlate app.  Very cool app!  Very easy to input the foods you eat, water you drink, fitness you do.  It initially asks you your age and goal (lose a pound a week?  maintain?  gain?).  And then it computes, each time you enter a food, where you are in terms of your calorie intake for the day to meet your goal.  It has very pretty graphs that show the breakdown of what you eat in terms of carbs, protien and fat.  You just click a button to add a glass of water to track how much water you drink each day.   I figured this would be a good way to track what I eat and try to correlate it to any issues that develop.

Well, after 4 days of doing this, I haven’t figured out what causes the issues yet (they haven’t happened yet), but here is what I’ve learned:

  • I don’t drink as much water as I thought I was drinking
  • I set it for trying to maintain my weight, so my calorie goal for each day is 2185 calories.
  • I don’t eat nearly enough calories on the days I run (yesterday for example, I ate 2795 calories, but I burned 1254 on my 10 mile run, so I still needed to eat another 630 calories to maintain my weight)
  • I’ve also learned that I have NO CLUE about how much calories/sodium/etc. is in some of my “regulars”.  For example, the sandwhich and chips I get about 3 times a week from Jimmy John’s?  I would have guessed it was about 650 calories total.  Nope!  It’s nearly 1000 calories.  And loaded with sodium.
  • I eat more sugar than apparently your “supposed” to.  No surprise there.

Tracking this stuff is a complete PITA.  And, frankly, I don’t want to know.  I like eating 6 delicious pilsbury chocolate chip cookies at one sitting.  I don’t care if they are 170 calories each.  I’m lucky and don’t need to worry about my weight and how many calories I put in my mouth.  But now when I input 6 cookies and it kicks out the number of calories I just consumed as being 1020 for a snack, well then I start to get a little irritated (at the My Plate app, not at the cookies!).  I also don’t like having another “thing” to track.  I already have enough stuff that I do on the computer each morning (check the weather; enter my garmin data on; check google reader; read the obituaries; check FB; check twitter; check email; check KR; update blog).  I have too much to do to worry about inputting every morsel of food that I put in my mouth into a database!

So, as much as I like the pretty graphs on My Plate, I’m calling it quits.  I’ll loosely keep track of what I eat the old fashioned way – with a pen, in a notebook – and I’ll see if I can spot a pattern.  But I’m  done with My Plate!

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