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The Best Is Yet To Be: Thoughts From A Mom With A (partially) Empty Nest

When I dropped my daughter off at college – 7 hours away from home – last week, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  Pride – about all that she has accomplished in her short 18 years. Sadness – about the change … Continue reading

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Happy and Alive!

I run because I love it.  I love the me time.  I love the endorphins. I love the effect it has on my body.  I love the mental boost that it gives me. And it’s so comfortable. And familiar. The … Continue reading

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2015: And That’s A Wrap!

2015 is (almost) officially in the books. Some runners might say it sucked.  I was gearing up for Blue Ridge Marathon and got a hernia in February and then got ANOTHER left tibial stress fracture (reaction, actually) in March.  So … Continue reading

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What’s your Ikigai?

Yesterday I attended a thought-provoking presentation called “Happy to 102: The Best Kept Secrets to a Long, Healthy and Happy Life”. How old do you think the oldest person ever lived to be?  122 years, 164 days!  Can you imagine??? … Continue reading

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If Not Now, Then When?

Stumbled on this quote today.  Love it.  It pretty much sums up the way I’ve felt about important/major things in my life the last several years – work changes, relationship changes, even taking the plunge to run my first marathon. … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid

“Fear defeats more people than any one thing in the world.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson I am 41 years old.  Not necessarily old, but not young either.  I’m divorced.  I’m the parent of two teenagers.  I own my own law firm. … Continue reading

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