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Hello readers!

For those of you interested on my two cents on how to qualify for the Boston Marathon, please check out my post on my I Mua Training website!

Don’t worry – I won’t cross-post too often.  But I thought this topic might be of interest to you!

My plan is to update my runninfromthelaw blog with my personal training/stories and to leave the blog on I MUA mostly tips and how to’s.  Feel free to subscribe to both!


Boston Bound!

Did everyone hear the exciting news?  B.A.A. announced that registration for 2013 WILL reopen on Monday because the 2013 field hasn’t been filled yet.  Which means that all of us who registered this week and have a qualifying time that can be verified (i.e. ME!) will be notified next week as soon as their verification process is done.*  Which means that after 5 years of trying to qualify and get in, I’l be running the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013! 🙂

*Even though this is all but certain, I will still be much more relieved when I have the actual confirmation email in my inbox.  But I think now I will officially stop stalking the Boston 2013 Entrant List every 10 minutes. 🙂

Taper Time!

I’m trying to look at taper differently this time around.  Instead of being irritated that I have to take days off of running, I’m trying to think of my days off as training.  Because, really, the taper is so important – to allow the body to recover from all the hard training and to ready itself to run 26.2 fast.  So I’m trying to sleep a bit extra (which is hard because work has been crazy busy), eat and drink better (or at least not eat and drink like total crap) and I’m spending some of the time that I would be running doing core and/or pilates instead.  So far so good.  But I’ve only had one rest day. 🙂 Stay tuned.

In other exciting news, I’m still not officially in to Boston.  Despite BAA’s proclamation that we won’t hear until after 5:00 p.m. Friday, I’m still obsessively checking my email and the confirmed entrant list – hoping for good news earlier.   But I have booked a hotel for April.  🙂

Weird searches that led people to my blog this week:  “Let my mother in law see me naked” (WTF people??); “cute running shoes”  (just be sure they are also comfy!); “escape stress lawyer” (I recommend a good 20 mile run, that always does the trick for me!); “running marathon naked” (yikes!).

Oh – and remember when I said I was doing the Iron Girl Duathlon?  Well, don’t look for a race report.  I’m bailing.  It scares me and stresses me to think about biking around so many people.  So I’m out.

True Confession

True confession:  I checked the Boston Marathon 2013 Entrant’s List SEVENTEEN times yesterday to see if maybe the B.A.A. was lying and that they were really going to accept this week’s registrants early.  They apparently weren’t lying.  Goal for today:  Not obsess about whether when I’m going to hear from the B.A.A. that I’m officially in Boston.

Apparently I’m not the only anal, obsessing runner.  Several people yesterday and today searched “waiting for notification for boston marathon” and ended up on my blog! 🙂

In other exciting running news, we got our Chicago Marathon race packets yesterday.  I’m lucky number 4669, wave 1, corral B.  SO excited!

Focus for the next three weeks will be on eating well, getting sleep and not falling while running, biking or even just walking.

Let The Waiting Begin

I submitted my Boston registration right away at 9:00 this morning, just in case I misread the instructions one of the 10,000 times that I read them and it is really a first come, first served deal.  (It’s not).  My guess is I hear sometime on Saturday.  Anyone want to venture a guess on how many times I check the Confirmed Entrant’s page, just in case they list me there before sending me an email?  Probably safe to bet I’ll do it at least 100 times between now and when I hear from BAA.  I’m obsessive like that.  I’ve already checked twice! 🙂

Boston 2013 Registration Opens!

Boston registration opened this morning!

Just because I’m ultra Type A and crazy obsessed with getting into Boston, I did the registration calculator AGAIN today to make doubly sure when I can press submit and get my Boston registration in.

Still need to wait until next Monday at 9:00 a.m. central to register. 🙂 Fingers crossed that there is still room for me!  Anyone hear anything yet about how full it’s filling up??


Got my Boston rejection today.  And, honestly, I don’t feel bad about it.  Like I said, I want to run Boston when my BQ race is smokin fast!  And even though I qualified last year, it just wasn’t a BQ sort of race.  Ya know?  So I’m seriously ok with it.

Kristy, on the other hand, appears to have just made it to Boston!  She’s still waiting for the acceptance email, but based on the info they released she JUST made it!  Girl totally deserves it!

One of the reasons I’m not super upset about it is that I am SO excited and pumped and READY to run Twin Cities on Sunday.  Seriously.  I can’t wait to see how all this training comes together!

Side note:  What kind of pervs are reading this blog?  Someone searched “naked oldies mom” today and found my blog!

I’ll be ok with not getting in Boston this year. Really!

Warm Fuzzy of the Day:  I was told by a marine that I could probably kick-ass in a marathon against most of the marines that are here at this conference. (I’m at Toys For Tots conference where the ratio of marines to civilians is about 10:1.  They all LOOK fit, but they don’t look particularly fast!)  This may be true, but I’m pretty sure that every single marine here, and probably most of the other civilians that are here, could beat me at my less than stellar pull-up abilities.


I should be down at the bar drinking more with the marines, but instead I stopped after 2 beers and went up to my room at 9:00 to drink lots of water and go to bed early so that I can get my last long run (16 miles) in before Twin Cities.  Good girl!


I’m AMAZED at how many Boston spots are still open.  If the talk on the internet is right (and I think it is), there are just over 15,000 spots filled for Boston.  Field is probably about 27,000.  I’ve heard different things about how many are charity runners, but most people say about 5,000.  Which means the qualified runners will be about 21,000 – 22,000.  Which means there are potentially still 6,000 – 7,000 spots for the runners that qualified by less than 5 minutes when registration opens for that group on Monday.  Woot!  That’s me!  With being -19 seconds under my BQ time, I’m in a better position than the peeps that are -18 through +59 (they are still taking +59 second qualifiers this year).  But I’m still not confident there will be enough spots for me.  There are so many people, like me, that just barely qualify and fall within this group that can register Monday.  And most of these people probably WILL register, because it will be their first time qualifying, they won’t make it next year (when the standards drop by 5 minutes), and because it will be just my luck that they will all register and shut me out!

And I will be PISSED and FRUSTRATED and CRABBY if I don’t get in (we’ll know between September 24 – 28th).  But part of me will be ok with it if I don’t get in.  Yes, you read that right.  Part of me will be ok with it if I don’t get in to Boston this year because I don’t feel like I deserve it.  Now before you start thinking:  “Cindi, quit with the putting yourself down and negative talk”, let me explain.  I know that I deserve to be at Boston because I am a kick-ass runner (after all, I could beat a bunch of marines!) and because I train harder and better than many many people.  And I know that I deserve to be at Boston because technically I have met the BQ standards and they are BQ standards for a reason – they are hard to meet!  And I know that I deserve to be at Boston because I want it SO badly (and have for the 3 1/2 years I’ve been running marathons).

So I know for all those reasons, I deserve to be at Boston in 2012.

So why will I be ok if I don’t make it this year?  Because I don’t yet have the one thing that virtually everyone who BQ’ed and will be at Boston in 2012 has.  I don’t have a true “Holy-crap-I-just-BQ’ed-and-ran-the-race-of-my-life” experience.  Like Kristy just had at Lehigh Valley Marathon last weekend.  Like a friend of mine’s husband had at Grandma’s this summer.  Like pretty much everyone has when they BQ.

Me?  My BQ race was very anti-climactic. I didn’t even know if I had BQ’ed because I was so close to the wire that the clock time said “no BQ”, but my garmin said, “maybe a BQ”.  And the only reason that this was “maybe a BQ” was because when I ran it (in Oct 2010 at Twin Cities), the rules still said that the qualifying race window was like 18 months, so that race would count in 2012 and in the mean time I would turn 40, so that bought me 5 extra minutes.  But the time that I got in the race was still 5 minutes slower than the time I was aiming for, my “real” BQ time based on the age that I was at that time (39).  So at the finish line when I got my 3:49:41 there wasn’t any jumping up and down screaming that I got a BQ, there wasn’t any excessive celebration, etc.  Even though it was my best/fastest marathon, it wasn’t a celebrate-going-to-Boston-BQ type of marathon.

And, as crazy as it sounds, I want that.   I want that feeling of knowing I just had the kick-ass race of my life and that because of that, I deserve to go to Boston.  Then I think I’ll deserve to go to Boston.  Ya know what I mean?

Having said all this, don’t be thinking that I’m gonna do anything dumb like not throw my name in for Boston on Monday.  Because if how bad you WANT to go to Boston was the criteria on which they admitted people, I’d be in for sure.  It’s out of my hands now.  I’ll be there some day.  Hopefully sooner than later.

No Worries, Just Run!

Things are looking tiny bit more hopeful for Boston registration next week!  Runners World has forum on it and the latest and greatest is saying there may be about 6000 spots left next week.  Some are predicting that people with -1 under to :30 over may get in.  Woot!  That would be me!   Fingers crossed.


In other developments, I’m officially done over-thinking pacing/goal strategy for TCM.  My new mantra is No Worries, Just Run!  That doesn’t mean I’m gonna go crazy and zip out at a 7:15 pace, or the opposite and go out at a 10:00 pace.  But I’m done stressing and strategizing down the the second for every mile!  No Worries, Just Run!

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