Change of Plans.

Literally.  Changing my marathon training plan.  I realized that the plan I was doing – the Hansons 50 mile plan – wasn’t working.  It had me running 6 days a week, with 2 weekly intense speed sessions and a long run.  It was too intense.  It didn’t allow me any flexibility, since I couldn’t do back to back hard workouts. My heart rate was too high all the time and on last weekend’s long run, I quit after 6 miles.

So I took this past week to just run what felt good, which worked out well since we had another crazy mid-April snow storm which made outdoor running difficult for a few days.

I’m going to modify the Pfitz 18 week 55 mile plan for the remaining 10 weeks.  But being flexible in order to get in some biking and more yoga. I’ve also realized that a BQ isn’t realistic in June, so will adjust my race goal and worry about a BQ another day.  My fitness just isn’t there yet.

Moving forward!

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