Taper time!

Taper time!

After completing 15 marathons, I’ve become pretty good at tapering.  Things I know I need to do (or not do) during taper:

  • Get lots of rest.
  • Not second guess my training. It’s done. It can’t be changed. So there is absolutely NO benefit to second guessing whether I should have added another run or done a certain workout a bit faster.
  • Not pig out.  This is a hard one for me.  I am used to eating A LOT because I’m running a lot of miles. When I cut back the miles during taper, I still find myself eating the same (or more actually).  I’m trying something a bit different this time, thanks to E Squared Health.  Coach Middy is having me do the “80% Rule” for eating during taper. Stop eating when I feel 80% full.  Wait 15 minutes. If I still feel hungry after 15 minutes, then eat. The point really is to LISTEN to the body, not just let my mind tell me I want to eat a ton.
  • Not freak out over every ache or twinge that I feel in my body.
  • Keep going to yoga. It helps calm and focus my mind SO much, which seems even more important in the weeks before the marathon.

Bring on marathon #16!

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