Up Next: Minocqua Marathon!

Well that didn’t take long. I’m officially registered for another marathon!

After Med-City Marathon was a bust, I waffled between finding another marathon to run soon – like NOW – or waiting until the Fall.  A sore throat and cough developed and so made the decision easy. I am officially registered for the Minocqua “No Frills” Marathon, which runs on September 8, 2018.


  • I have the benefit of the fitness from marathon training, without the negative of soreness, downtime and potential injury from actually having RUN a marathon.
  • It’s on my daughter’s 21st birthday, so it’s going to be a fabulous day no matter what!
  • It’s relatively close to home so the travel won’t be too taxing.
  • It’s really low key.  Which should translate in to low stress.
  • It is technically 2 days before the window for qualifying for Boston 2019 ends, so if the stars align and I have a fabulous race, I COULD still make it to Boston 2019
  • It’s only $48.50!  For a marathon! Bargain.
  • It’s really really small – which for me is good, I think.  It will be low stress.  Almost like a supported long run.
  • The timing of it works really well for me – I have a lot of fun travel planned in the Fall and wanted to get my race done before the travel.


  • I can’t think of any yet! 🙂

Since I didn’t have any down time between my cancelled marathon and training for this one, I jumped in to a marathon training plan at 14 weeks out (instead of my usual 18).  I’m excited to see the progress.  I’m feeling really good, healthy and finally feeling like my speed is coming back.  I am actually thinking that a BQ is a possibility! Stay tuned.


One thought on “Up Next: Minocqua Marathon!

  1. Tom W Spence

    Well as to the “cons” of the Minocqua Marathon, they throw the 2 loosers into Lake Superior and they are never heard from again. So you better win! 😂

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