Med City (Half) Marathon Weekend

After a brutal training period – with crazy cold and snow – it’s the heat that got us on marathon day.  The organizers of the Med City Marathon ended up cancelling the marathon and 20 mile races, and shortening them to a half marathon, because of high temps (97 degrees), high humidity and no wind.  When I heard they were doing this, I was disappointed and irritated.  But when I was running the half, I was very relieved that it was only a half.

Since it was so hot and the marathon was out, I decided to try something that I’ve been wanting to try in a race for a long time.  I did the entire 13.1 in a run/walk method.  I did 10 minutes of running, 30 seconds of walking.  Repeat. I didn’t have target paces – just thought I’d do what was comfortable.  Using this method I ended up with a 2:03:XX half marathon, with a 9:21 average pace.  I know there is no way I would have averaged that pace without the walk breaks.  I REALLY liked this method because it gave me something to focus on (“I can get through the next 10 minutes”, “just 3 more minutes til I get a walk break”, etc.).  I also loved the walk breaks and found that they kept my legs feeling fresh and after each walk break I was able to go at a faster pace than I had been for the whole 10 minute period.  I am definitely going to try this method in a marathon.

The weekend was really fun.  My fans all showed up (mom, dad, Scott)!

The weekend, in photos.

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