Back at it!

Wow – it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  Life’s been busy!

Running/Fitness updates:

  • I spent several months building up my mileage and being smart about my running and it has worked.  I feel fabulous and healthy!
  • I signed up for another marathon.  Med City Marathon over memorial weekend. I just finished week 3 of training and I am LOVING being back on a training schedule.
  • I am slow. One of my runs this week had me doing 4 half marathon pace miles.  The pace I was aiming for was 8:27/mile. And it was TOUGH.  I can’t believe that I used to be able to run a half marathon at 7:35/mile. I would love to get some speed back, but for now I’m just happy to be running the distances again.
  • I started yoga.  And I love it!  It was a huge surprise to me that I love it because I do NOT normally do classes and I am seriously the world’s least flexible person. But a friend encouraged me to try it and I am hooked.  I’ve been going to a couple different types of yoga classes several times a week since November.  My body feels so much better and my stress level is lower since I started.

Life updates:

  • Married life is good. 🙂
  • Lots of good stuff planned for 2018. 🙂
  • We had an amazing trip to Costa Rica a couple weeks ago. Running in hot tropical weather was heavenly!  Here’s a few of my favorite photos.


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