I’m out. Uggg.

And just like that, I’m out. Of marathon training.  Ugggg.  3 weeks in and I feel the beginnings of a stress reaction in the SAME spot that I’ve had a stress fracture two other times in the last 4 years.  So I’m out.  Sooooo frustrating to me – especially because it had been going so well and I felt a little speed returning. But I decided pushing through it to train for a marathon and then blow up and be out long term isn’t worth it.  I’d rather take a couple weeks off to rest it and then resume running for fun/sanity.  To me, running shorter distances every week on a long term basis is more important than training for a marathon and being off for a significant time.  But UGGGGGG, I’m so frustrated and mad and sad.  Blah.

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