Global Running Day

Apparently it’s Global Running Day.  And I am HAPPY to report that I ran. 5 miles. Broken up in 2 x 2.5 mile segments, with a .25 walk in between.  Not the heavy training runs that I wanted to be doing at this point. But shortly after my last post I felt ANOTHER left tibial stress fracture developing (though I’m thinking that it was mild – just a stress reaction – since I now know what they feel like) – so I took some time off running.  (3 solid weeks, then I’ve been easing back in to running, VERY slowly).

When I had my first left tibial stress fracture in July 2013, I was devastated. Mentally, I was a wreck.  Since that time, I’ve had another stress fracture and now 2 stress reactions (my latest is self diagnosed – I’m on a budget and have shitty health insurance and can’t afford an MRI).  Now, I’m just disappointed when I’m not running – mildly irritated.  But I’ve learned to focus on the positives and I have other activities that fill my need for endurance/endorphins – I’ve been biking TONS on the trainer and the fat bike. I have been doing a crazy amount of core. I’ve been lifting weights.  AND – I’ve worked my way up to 100 push ups a day!  I guess my point is that I know there is more to life than running and that running will be there when I heal.

So, on Global Running Day, I was SO SO happy to run 2 x 2.5 miles with a .25 walk in between.  I loved every step of it.

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