I have a plan!

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I need a plan.  A goal marathon. A training schedule. A race on the horizon. When I’m training I am happier. More productive. More disciplined. I’m just in a better place – physically, mentally and emotionally. I NEED that this year.

So I am happy to say that I found a marathon that is perfect for me. 🙂

My struggle this year is two-fold.  Time and money. I have SO many changes in store this year, all of which translate into money constraints and time constraints. Senior year activities and graduation for my youngest through early June. A June wedding for me! Having both my kids in college in mid-August. Moving out of my place and in with my new husband and step-sons in September. A super exciting honeymoon in the Fall (stay tuned!).

For my marathon plans, this means I can’t afford a big travel marathon. And I can’t do a spring marathon (senior year stuff). Can’t do a June marathon (wedding!). Can’t do an earlier August wedding (taking kids to college). Can’t do my normal Twin Cities October marathon and do well because our honeymoon location/timing would interfere with the final training.

SO – I started trying to think of what sort of marathon I could do and when I’d be able to/like to do it, given these life constraints. And in my mind, I thought it would be perfect to find a marathon that I could travel to by car in the last week of August. Why? Cheap travel expenses. And, in a way, a good transition weekend for me – my last weekend in my own house before I join Scott and his boys. My last hurrah. 🙂

I’m coming for you, Wausau Marathon.

I love everything about this marathon. The timing. The 3 hour drive – where I can reflect on my kids starting their adult lives, my new husband and step-kids and all there is to look forward to with them.  The fact that it’s a tiny race – perfect for me and running for ME. And beer in a dive Wisconsin bar to celebrate change.


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