Marathon Week!

Yippee!  It’s Marathon Week!  Time to run marathon #14, Blue Ridge Marathon.  I’m in a really really good place, mentally and physically.  I’m not fast (virtually no speed training this time, coming back after 18 months of no marathons, my focus was just to be able to run 26.2).  But I definitely have the endurance to run 26.2.  I’m not necessarily trained for running the 7500 feet of elevation change.  But I definitely can power walk the portions I can’t run. Best of all, the legs are feeling really healthy and strong.  Yippee!

The best part about marathon week will be spending time with Scott.  Supporting him doing what he loves the first part of the week (Hill Week cycle camp), and then having him support me doing what I love (Blue Ridge Marathon) the last part of the week.  Mostly, though, just hanging with him in a beautiful place that neither of us have ever been will make the week just perfect! 🙂

SC by shore

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