Happy and Alive!

Comfort zone

I run because I love it.  I love the me time.  I love the endorphins. I love the effect it has on my body.  I love the mental boost that it gives me.

And it’s so comfortable. And familiar.

The last 6 months have, for me, been all about doing the uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Reaching out and making new friends. Fat biking. Group spin classes. Spin classes on my own.  My first ever bike race. Biking on a lake.

And in stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve been fulfilled – physically, mentally and emotionally – in ways that have made me feel so happy and alive.

My first bike race this weekend was humbling. I’m used to being decent – even above average – at running.  With this race I was literally at the back of the pack. I finished 83 out of 87 (and a ton of the 30k racers beat me – even though I was only doing 20k). It was single track in the snow. It was my first time not biking with Scott (he raced the longer distance).  I was scared when I was lining up at the start line. I got really tired 1/2 way through it and started getting struggling on the single track – turns, ups AND downs. I felt like I was slowing people up (I was – there were times there was literally a line of like 15 people behind me).  But despite this, I felt happy during the race.  Happy to be doing something that was a challenge for me.  Happy to be experiencing something new. Happy to be healthy.  Happy to be outside enjoying the winter. Happy to be alive.

I’m still loving running.  I’m in full swing for Blue Ridge Marathon training.  It’s going well and I’m loving it. But learning to step out of my comfort zone and try new things has made my life so much more full. It’s all good.

And speaking of LOVE, I’m engaged! Scott asked me to marry him this weekend!  I could not be more excited and thankful and content. We share the same outlook about life and value the same things – our kids, our health, endurance activities. We have fun and adventure with everything we do.  I’m feeling really really happy and alive right now!




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