Twin Cities Marathon 2015: Volunteer Report

Volunteering for and spectating at a marathon is almost as much fun as running a marathon!

Scott and I lucked out and got to help at the very front of the Start Line Corral – directing people and keeping out the masses (and letting in the elites) right after the National Anthem.  It was so exciting to be RIGHT there!  After all 10,000+ runners had started, we went through and picked up all the drop clothes and threw them in two huge trucks, to be donated to a charity.  Whoa – there was LOTS of good clothes, blankets, jackets, etc. to pick up.  It was fun to get a different perspective on what it takes to make the marathon work smoothly.

As much as I enjoyed volunteering, I hope that I’m RUNNING Twin Cities next year!

Things are going really really well with my running.  I’m SLOW, but running 5 days a week, about 30 miles total.  And it feels awesome!  Wheeee!

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