Hanalei bay

Hanalei Bay – seriously the most amazing beach I’ve ever been to

Have you ever run across something – a word, a passage, a poem – that just strikes a perfect chord with you?  Something that just resonates with you and perfectly fits with your universe?

I recently did.  I wandered into a quaint jewelry store in the loveliest little town that I’ve ever been in  – Hanalei, Hawaii – and stumbled across a pendant with the Hawaiian word “I Mua” on one side and “Move Forward” on the other.  I Mua means “move forward” in Hawaiian. The necklace had the following passage on the box:

I Mua.  Move Forward

*Never Look Back*

The current moves in the opposite direction. The wind howls. To get home, there is only one way to paddle, one thing to do.

I Mua

Love, love, love it, for so many reasons.

My trip to Kauai was heavenly.  At the same time it was also filled with some challenges that have, upon reflection, made me more certain than ever that I’m moving forward in right direction.

Scott and cindi hanalei overlook

 Me and Scott – so thankful for all that he is

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