Year of Cindi, Take Two.

Today I was reminded of something really important, that I’ve been letting slide for far too long:  I need to take care of me.

I’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else that’s important in my life – making sure they have what they need and are happy and content and doing what they want- that I’ve been neglecting myself and what I need and want.

It’s hard to take care of me.  It’s easier to just take care of others and ignore my own needs.  But by not taking care of me, “me” is getting lost.

So tomorrow, May 17, 2015, is the official start of the second (or maybe we are on the third now?) “Year of Cindi” (remember the first “Year of Cindi”, post separation?).  As selfish as it sounds, I need to refocus on me, so that I can find myself again.

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