2 minutes of Heaven

I ran!

2 minutes and 19 seconds.  On the treadmill for a PT running evaluation.  And it was HEAVENLY.  Loved it.  The left tibia didn’t hurt or feel weird or off.  It was great.

So am I back to running again?


Huh? Why not?

Because they noticed significant issues while I was running, which, if not corrected, would lead to another stress fracture.  Issues with my left hip abductor being really weak.  Bottom line:  it needs to get strengthened before I run again.  Not completely resolved, but strengthened.  And when I do run again, I NEED to keep up on the core and hip exercises.  Seriously.  Someone remind me.

One thought on “2 minutes of Heaven

  1. Auntie Carol

    Think your body is telling you something………….Stop running, you’ll pay dearly in the years to come. OXOX
    Auntie C

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