2 minutes of Heaven

I ran!

2 minutes and 19 seconds.  On the treadmill for a PT running evaluation.  And it was HEAVENLY.  Loved it.  The left tibia didn’t hurt or feel weird or off.  It was great.

So am I back to running again?


Huh? Why not?

Because they noticed significant issues while I was running, which, if not corrected, would lead to another stress fracture.  Issues with my left hip abductor being really weak.  Bottom line:  it needs to get strengthened before I run again.  Not completely resolved, but strengthened.  And when I do run again, I NEED to keep up on the core and hip exercises.  Seriously.  Someone remind me.

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One Response to 2 minutes of Heaven

  1. Auntie Carol says:

    Think your body is telling you something………….Stop running, you’ll pay dearly in the years to come. OXOX
    Auntie C

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