Warning: whiny, depressing post ahead. If you don’t want to be sucked into negativity, press the back button on your browser.

Warning: Image with profanity in it ahead.  If you are my mom, press the back button on your browser.

Alright.  You’ve all been suitably warned.

I’m in a really bad place right now. The marathon I was supposed to be running (Blue Ridge) was yesterday. Boston is tomorrow and I’m thinking about how it was the best (until it was the worst). All my running friends are training for spring and summer races right now. All of my biking friends are training for their summer goal events right now.  Everyone that I know has their spare hours filled with training and running and biking.  And when they aren’t actually training and running and biking, they are talking about training and running any biking.  I am stressed.  I am fat (ok, I know I’m not fat fat, but I am seriously 7 pounds up over my normal weight and that feels like fat). I am feeling crabby, lazy, angry, sad and stressed. I want to run.  I need to run.


miss you f bomb

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