WOO HOO, What a ride!

Don’t you love it how little reminders pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, right when you need them most?

Saw this gem of a sign in a chocolate shop yesterday.

choc and wine


Love it. And it came at a time when I NEEDED this reminder.

It’s been a long 4 weeks, where I’ve mostly been moping around feeling sorry for myself that I have ANOTHER tibial stress reaction and am not able to run (yep, you read that right.  No running.  Uggg. ).  Compounded by other health issues that have been limiting what I can do. Compounded by personal crap that has been weighing me down.

This isn’t how I want to be living and feeling.  So seeing this sign reminded me of how I want to be living. So enough of the moping and being crabby and angry and waiting for things to happen/change.  Time to start living the way I want to be living.

One thought on “WOO HOO, What a ride!

  1. Tom

    Glad I read this, inspiring. I am going to finish off the lemon marangue pie before I go to bed, with a glass of wine.

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