Blue Ridge Marathon Training, Week #7

Bigger mileage week this week.  Didn’t plan it well with work and the weather, so ended up saving a longish run for the weekend, before my long run.  Not ideal.  I cut the long run short (from 18 to 15) because I seriously could not take one more step – it was cold (14 with zero degree windchill) and my legs were dead (from the hills or, more likely from having done 11 miles the day before).


Mile run: 47; Miles biked: 16; Core – only once;

  • M: lazy day
  • T: 10 miles (8:48; with 5 miles about 8:10ish)
  • W: 7 iles (9:24)
  • Th: 4 miles (9:34)
  • F: biked 16 miles
  • Sa: 11 miles (9:11)
  • Su: 15 miles (9:34)

On to week #8

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