Preparing for lots of F-Bombs

Here’s what I’m predicting about my experience at the Blue Ridge Marathon:  It’s gonna be the marathon where my F-Bomb count is BY FAR the highest.

The hills (mountains) are already scaring me.


Blue Ridge Marathon Video

I’ve been reading blogs about, and looking at people’s Strava entries for, the Blue Ridge Mountain Marathon.  And I’m realizing I NEED to get going on the hill training.  I know it’s so crazy steep for so long that I’ll end up walking a lot of it (apparently everyone walks some of it – there are parts that aren’t even runable). But I need to get going on the hill training so that I’m not aerobically dead from doing this thing.  I’ve been trying to do some hills on my treadmill runs, and last week I sought out a fairly hilly route near me.  But after reading the blogs and looking at the marathon profile again, I know I need to kick the hill training into high gear.  Not an easy task when we have sub-zero temps and crappy road conditions.  Gotta figure something out.

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