Blue Ridge Marathon Training, Week #3

This week was all about improvising.  I had to mix up the order of the workouts, as well as the workouts themselves, because of cold weather. I ended up on the treadmill more than I wanted to, which meant my paces were slower (for some reason I can’t go fast – like even faster than a 9:20 pace – on the treadmill; I think it’s mental).

I found a core/strength circuit routine that I am going to try to do a few times a week.  Just decided this late in the week, so only did it once this week.  Baby steps.

Week #3 of Blue Ridge Marathon Training:

45 miles running; 23 miles cycling; 1 mile walking

  • M: Cycle 11.5 miles
  • T: 5 miles (10:05) (Treadmill)
  • W: 8 miles (9:52) (Treadmill)
  • Th: 10 miles (8:47; with 4 miles 8:07 – 8:27)
  • F: Cycle 11.7 miles; 4 miles (9:05; with some hill sprints); core/strength
  • Sa: 14 hilly miles (9:12)
  • Su: 4 miles (9:56) (on Treadmill at 2 – 3% incline)

This next week will be even more challenging with ULTRA frigid weather all week.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the only run that I manage outside is the long run.


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