Blue Ridge Marathon Training, Week #2

It was a really fun and peaceful Christmas holiday.  Loved it.

Week #2 of Blue Ridge Marathon training went well.  Controlled myself a bit more with the Christmas cookies.  Made more of an effort with the core (but still not good).  Had to be a bit creative and do some juggling to get the workouts in, with the holiday and the weather.  But it went well and I feel good about it.

Week #2 recap:

Ran 41 miles; Cycle 31.8 miles; Walked 1 mile; some core

  • M: Cycling 15.7
  • T: 8 miles (9:53)
  • W:10 miles (9:29)
  • Th: Walked 1 mile
  • F: Cycling 16.1 miles; 5 miles (9:24)
  • Sa: 5 miles (10:00; with hills in the middle miles on treadmill)
  • Su: 13 miles (9:40)

Love being in training again!

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