Sabotaged by Christmas Cookies!

Week one of Blue Ridge Marathon training is in the books!

The running and biking went well.  The eating better didn’t do so well, thanks to my Christmas cookie baking (and eating) binge, which included: peanut butter blossoms, candy cane blossoms, cocoa snickerdoodles, andes mint cookies and salter caramel chocolate chip cookies.


The salted caramel chocolate chip cookies were HEAVENLY.  So so so good.  I seriously ate 8.  In one sitting.  Lucky for me they seem like a year-round cookie, so they are now my new go to cookie.  Try them!

The core work started off well for three days.  Then it fell by the way side.  Must do better this week with the core.


37 miles running; 32 miles biking; 3 miles walking

  • M: 7 miles (8:33) and 5 x 100 m strides
  • T: Cycle 60 minutes; 5 miles (9:50)
  • W: Walking 3 miles
  • Th: 9 miles (9:37)
  • F: Cycle 60 minutes
  • Sa: 4 miles (9:47) (w/ 2 miles hilly)
  • Su: 12 miles (8:52)

On to week #2!

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