Kicking Off Blue Ridge Marathon Training

and she's offWheeee!  I officially started training today for Blue Ridge Marathon.  7 miles and some strides.  The best part: my run was in 50 degree weather.  On December 15th.  In Minnesota. Crazy!

The plan I’m following is a modified Pfitz 18/55.  The modifications?

  • I’m adding an extra easy run day (5 miles easy)
  • I’m also cycling 2 or 3 days a week (I think this will be a good way to strengthen my legs more for the demands of running UP AND DOWN THREE MOUNTAINS, while allowing me to remain injury-free during training)
  • I’m adding a hill workout every week – either in place of a speedy session or mixed in the middle of a general aerobic run.  The type of hill workout will vary and will depend on the weather/ice.  Some of these workouts will be walking uphill on the treadmill as high as it will go.  Based on the reports of the Blue Ridge Marathon, I’ll be walking significant portions of it, so I figure I should practice speed walking uphill.  I also hope to find a treadmill that has a decline and do that a bit.  (The crappy one at my work doesn’t decline).
  • I’m going to try to find hilly routes for all of my long runs.
  • I SWEAR I’m going to really work on my core strength this time.  I always start out strong with this and then it seems so hard to work in 10-15 minutes of core a few times a week.  Why is that??!?
  • Finally, I am going to eat better.  I swear.  🙂

So happy to be training again!

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