Post Marathon Truths

So after running 13 marathons, here are some things that I’ve found to be true, post marathon, for every single one of them:

  • During the marathon, I swear that running a marathon is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done and that I’ll never run one again.
  • Within 24 hours of finishing a marathon, I’m searching the web to figure out which marathon I’ll run next.
  • The idea of taking a week completely off of exercise and watching what I eat always SOUNDS appealing, but quickly gets old.  Call me weird, but sleeping in, eating like crap and drinking too much red wine is overrated.
  • There IS such a thing as PMD (Post Marathon Depression).  Seriously.  It’s like Post Partum Depression – you have such a build up and so much excitement to The Big Day, and then when it’s over and you aren’t in training, your physical and emotional and mental body are out of whack and you feel down . . .

So, what have I done after every marathon, to cure these post marathon blues? Register for another marathon!  Stay tuned. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Post Marathon Truths

  1. Dad

    A week off after a marathon? I thought that the reccomendation was 3/4 weeks off after a marathon. Not cheating are you?

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