Twin Cities Marathon 2014 – Race Recap

My previous 12 race reports were about goals achieved (or not achieved), paces, what went right, what went wrong, blah, blah, blah.

This marathon, my come-back-marathon after 168 days of no running because of two tibial stress fractures, was different.  I didn’t have true goals in terms of time or strategy.  I mostly just wanted to run another marathon because I could.  And because I love running marathons.  So in that sense, my marathon goal was achieved.

As I ran and ran and ran on Sunday (for 4 hours, 5 minutes and 50 seconds!), I spent most of that time reflecting on how grateful I was.  Grateful for Scott, who rode his bike along the course cheered for me in several different spots.  Grateful for the running friends who gave me shout outs from the sidelines or from the course as they ran by.  Grateful for my family, who were all waiting at mile 25 with signs and smiles.  But mostly grateful that I was, once again, running a marathon.

Here was my day, in pictures.

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