TCM: Pre-race thoughts

Besides Boston, this is the most excited I’ve ever been for a marathon!  I’m 90% excited and only 10% nervous.  I REALLY honestly have no time goals, which takes away from the nerves.  Do I want to do well?  Of course.  Will I still try to run my miles at BQ pace?  Maybe.  If the legs and lungs feel good, then yes.  But if they aren’t feeling it, then I won’t.  And that’ll be ok.  I’ve also revised my previous plan to “run naked” (without a garmin).  I decided that is too risky and setting me up for a marathon where I feel horrible.  Why?  Because I think if I did that it’s highly likely that I would run the early miles WAY faster than I should, because I will feel good.  So I need the garmin to use it as a guide.  If I run the first mile in 7:15, I need to slow down or I’ll be “running” the last miles at 10:00+.  So I am using the garmin, but going to do something different with it.  I’m just going to have the screen on timer (no other data fields) and I’ll still run by feel, but then when each lap tells me time, I’ll adjust by slowing down or speeding up a bit. If I finish under 4:00, I’ll be very satisfied!  But mostly, I just want to have fun – soak up the crowds, see friends and family along the way, see my mom’s newly revised bright pink signs (with my new last name), and see the whole family at my parents’ place at mile 25.

The Twin Cities Marathon Expo is one of my favorite expos – lots of free stuff, seeing lots of running friends and buying cool stuff!

The weather looks like ideal running weather.  36 at the start, upper 40’s at finish.  24 hours.  Can’t wait!

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