Random running thoughts

Random running thoughts:

  • Last 20+ miler of this training cycle done yesterday.  21 miles.  On the Twin Cities Marathon course.  LOVED it.  The miles flew by.   After 4 really slow miles, I ran solo and got in a groove at a really comfortable pace (8:54) and then pushed it for 6 miles (8:10 – 8:40, but with hills).    The hilly part of the course didn’t feel horrible like I remember it from previous years.  I’m in a good place.
  • I tried a new flavor of GU yesterday.  Salted Caramel.  It was seriously delicious!  Like I would almost consider eating it for a treat if there were no treats around my house and I got desperate.  It’s definitely my fuel of choice for Twin Cities Marathon.
  • Got my race guide and corral information.  Corral 1.  Yippee!  Less crowds to deal with and all the fasties will jet off ahead of me.
  • When I was running on Summit yesterday I started imaging the crowds and excitement and what it would be like approaching mile 25 again (where my family lives).  Scott will be out along the course this time too.  I can’t wait.  SO excited!
  • Fall weather arrived this week.  The weather for our long run Saturday was PERFECT marathon weather: 39 and sunny at start, 50 and sunny at finish.



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