20 miles – wheeee!

Had the first (of 3) 20 mile runs of this training cycle this morning. 3 hours and 7 minutes of running.  In a row.  Wheee! It was tough, but in a good way.  Mentally it was tough to go slow (it was supposed to be LSD, so I tried to stay about 50 – 90 seconds slower than MP).  Physically it ended up being tough because I picked a hilly route.  It was also physically tough to do 3 faster miles towards the end (was supposed to do 3 MPP miles – complete fail, could not do it).

I love the 20 miler because every single time I run 20 miles I learn a lesson from it.  Today’s lesson:  what you eat and drink in the week preceding, WILL affect how you perform on the 20 mile run.  I overindulged in food and drink at a conference in Duluth Sunday – Tuesday and I believe that’s why I struggled with the faster miles today (and on my speedier workouts earlier this week).

Still, even though it was a tough 20 miles, I LOVED every step of it.  

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