Hello.  Anyone still there?

It’s been awhile!  Life has been busy.  And good.

The biggest change is with my Twin Cities training.  I ended up stopping the plan I was doing (even though I LOVED it – and will definitely try it again for a different marathon).  Instead, I ended up joining a new running group.  It’s a bit of a hike from my house, so I am hit or miss on making the workouts, but I felt like I needed the fun and social and mental support that a group provides.

It’s a large group!  Here we are at our long run this morning:

tc running group

Though our actual running group is much smaller because they divide us into 3 groups based on pace.  So far, so good.  Its exactly what I need.  A good mix of challenging and easy runs, a good group of people and something different.

I am starting week 6 of the 16 week program.   Whee.

Things I know I need to focus on:

  • Core.
  • Eating better.
  • Making sure to do my stretching, warm ups/cool downs and PT exercises

I am love love LOVING every second of my running this summer.  It is so great to not only be back to running, but to be back to training.  I am SO excited to actually run another marathon this fall.


Random cliche life thought:  I am SUCH a big believer in “Things work out the way they are meant to be”.  There are a handful of things that are so so challenging right now.  But there are also many things that are going better than I ever imagined.  I feel like I’m in the right place right now.  Heading in the direction things are meant to head.  End of random life thoughts.

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