Let the Training Begin!

Tomorrow is the big day.  My Twin Cities Marathon training is kicking off.

I LOVE the start of a new marathon training cycle.  I love the discipline involved with training – getting up early and getting my run in.  Eating (somewhat) better.  Drinking (somewhat) less.  Making fitness and health a priority, which in turn makes me happier and more productive in other areas of life.

Starting a new marathon training cycle is even more sweet this time, after nearly a YEAR off of true marathon training, thanks to multiple stress fractures and other health and life issues.  I am feeling really good – with solid base mileage under my belt, strong legs and lungs, and a positive attitude.

I am also very excited about the training plan that I’ll be following this time.  After looking through the ones that I’ve previously followed (Daniels, Pfitz, Lifetime, Coach MG plan, Hansons), I have decided to go with something completely different.  I’ll be following the Ultimate 26.2 Level Up Marathon Training Plan by my besties from Run The Edge.

level up


Can a training plan that looks like a hyped up version of Chutes and Ladders seriously prepare me for running 26.2 miles?  Stay tuned.  I’ll be sharing more details about the plan, and why I chose it, in future blog posts.*

Wheeee!  Let the training begin!

*Disclaimer: Run the Edge gave me the training plan free.  I’d like to think it’s because these elite author runners recognize talent and charm when they see it.  In truth, I think they may be a bit afraid of my stalker like obsession with them and they thought free stuff might appease me.

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  1. Me too! Just started a new cycle two weeks ago after losing an entire year to a bad strain & then a stress fracture. So excited to get back to it!

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