13,146.4 miles

Here’s an interesting tidbit for you, my faithful blog readers: Since I started tracking my mileage just over 7 years ago (Feburary 2007), I have run 13, 146.4 miles.  Holy Crap!  That’s a lot of miles!  (This year I’ve only run 265.4 miles).


Weird thought:  Tonight I was thinking that every runner should get injured.  Huh?  Seriously.  I think being injured has been GOOD for me.  And would be good for every runner.  Being injured has made me thankful for every single step that I take now during every single run.  It’s like I’m running now with an awareness that I didn’t have before – an awareness that this run might be it – that I might get injured again and be sidelined for awhile, so I better savor it.  This is not to say that I’m being pessimistic, fatalistic during each run.  I’m not.  I’m just aware, in a way that I never was before, just how grateful that I should be that I can run.

So all you runners out there:  love every step of every run!

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