I’m officially recovered.

Well, done with my 14 week return to running after stress fracture anyway.  And I feel GREAT!  So what’s next?  Continuing some very gradual base building (religiously following the 10% rule) and mixing in some “speed work” each week to get my slow butt moving again.

So for the first time since July of last year I did some speedy stuff today.  5 x 1 minute at fast.  I didn’t look at what “fast” was on the garmin – I just ran by feel at a faster pace than what I’ve been trudging along at.  I LOVED this!  I felt like this was a real workout.  Yippee!

Cheers to being recovered!

2 thoughts on “Recovered!

  1. Angela

    YAY, me too!! This past Monday marked week 14 for me after a fibular stress fracture in my left leg, and I am SOOOOO excited to be back. Good luck with your grand return!!

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