Running is My Re-set Button

januaryPhoto taken by my talented brother, ThomasJSpence images.

Good riddance to January.  It was a miserable month for so me for many reasons.

On one particularly bad day a couple weeks ago I texted someone at 7:00 in the morning saying that I needed a reset button for what was already a bad day.  The response “Here, press this button [emoticon button picture].  If only it were that easy.”  True.  Thankfully, I do have a reset button of sorts now – my running.  Even though I’m only up to a couple miles a day, a few days a week, it’s enough to give me the reset that I need.  Running makes me a little less stressed.  A little more hopeful.  And a lot more thankful.

Running is my reset button.


Welcome February.  This month has got to be better.

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