Huffing and Puffing

Holy crap am I out of shape.  I took 15 days COMPLETELY off of cardio because of a procedure I had done on my shin, which involved stitches.  So today when the stitches were removed and I got the green light to slowly resume activity, I figured I’d do 45 minutes easy on the bike.  Ummm, no.  I almost died after 20 minutes and needed to stop.  Uggggg.

Other stuff:

  • I’m on week number two of strengthening my glutes and core.  That seems to be going well.
  • I’m also on week number two of baking and eating endless Christmas cookies (which may also explain why I can barely do 20 minutes on the bike).
  • I misread my return to running plan.  It only has me doing 1.5 miles TOTAL the first week.  Still, I can’t wait!

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