Thursday Thoughts: I’m Alive! Edition

I’m Alive!  I know my 5 readers have been worried.  Sorry.

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • It’s been 138 days since I’ve run.  Holy Crap that’s a long time.  I’ve actually accepted it and am – for the most part – no longer crabby about it.  I’ve accepted biking and water running as my new fitness activity.  And I’m thankful for them.  But I do them just for fitness.  I don’t like them.  At all.  They don’t provide enjoyment like running did.
  • 5 years ago I went in to have an ugly weird spot on my leg looked at by a skin specialist.  They said it didn’t appear worrisome, but I could have it removed if I wanted.  I chose not to because it would require 2 weeks off running.  Fast forward 5 years.  I just got it removed.  So the good news is that when I can return to running, I will no longer have a big ugly spot on my left shin.
  • Because of the removal of the ugly spot on my shin, I am now on day two of 14 days of ZERO activity.  No biking.  No water running.  No walking.  Keep leg elevated and let it heal. Uggggg.  I am trying not to think of it as me getting fat and lazy, and instead I’m telling myself that I’m really really healing the stress fracture.
  • Prior to getting the big ugly spot removed, my tibia was actually feeling really good.  Knock on wood, but I think it feels fine.  Like good enough to run.
  • I am switching doctors.  I decided that I wasn’t getting the answers and hand-holding that I need from my current doc.  I am frustrated with developing a second stress fracture of the tibia while completely obeying doctor’s orders and resting and slowing adding activity – so I want an answer and the current doctor didn’t seem to want to do any digging to help me figure out the “why” behind this issue.  So I’m seeing a new doctor on Monday.  Fingers crossed for some answers.
  • Took my 12th annual girls trip last week.  We went to Ojai, California.  There is NOTHING quite as good for the soul as drinking, eating, hiking, shopping and gossiping with the girls.
  • Even with no running, life is good.

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