Putting On My Happy Face And Moving Forward

True confession:  I started crying in the doctor’s office yesterday when she told me I had another – completely separate – stress fracture.  Not just a single tear.  Really crying.

Pretty embarrassing, when I think about it, to be 42 years old and crying in my doctor’s office because of something like a stress fracture.  Even more so when I put it in perspective and think of my cousin – who is 42 years old with 3 kids – and who was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having a double mastectomy next week.

So in the spirit of moving forward with a positive attitude so that I can heal faster, here are some positive things I thought about today:

  • As my doctor said, focus on the clinical aspect of my injury.  Meaning, when she asked me how I actually feel, I said that “I feel pretty darn good.  About 90% normal”.  I can pretty much walk without pain (just random shooting pain that is only at about a level 1 and only happens a few times throughout the day).  This is SO much different than when I got the first stress fracture and couldn’t navigate the stairs, couldn’t walk to the bathroom in the night without pain, couldn’t walk without limping, couldn’t wear cute heals, etc.
  • I can cross train without pain.  Thank goodness!  If I had to be completely inactive it would be so much worse.  While biking, water running and pilates don’t give me the same rush and stress relief that running does, at least it’s something.  And it keeps me sane.
  • This time off from running really is making me do things that I normally don’t do.  And that’s a good thing.  Like the volunteering that I’ve done this past week for 3 races.   It HAS been fun.  This morning, especially.  I was in charge of a water stop at a local half marathon and I convinced my 14  year old son (a non-runner) to come with me.  And we had fun. 🙂 And, truthfully, if I was running I would not have done 2 of those 3 volunteer gigs.
  • My blog has taken on a new life, gotten a new audience.  Instead of people finding it from searches like “marathon race strategy” and “boston marathon qualifying”, they find it from searches like “recovering from stress fracture” and “return to running after stress fracture”
  • At least this didn’t happen earlier in the year and prevent me from running Boston.  Really, I’ve been lucky to be able to run 12 marathons in 5 years and not be injured until now.

Moving forward.  With a smile on my face.  (Sort of).  Because there is more to be thankful for than not.

3 thoughts on “Putting On My Happy Face And Moving Forward

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