No End In Sight

When I said yesterday that I thought I knew what my doctor would tell me my MRI results were, I thought she was going to say I was almost, but not quite, better.  That I had one of those slow to heal stress fractures.  That it would just be a little bit longer until I was healed.  And I would have been ok with that.  In fact, since I’ve been feeling like something isn’t right yet, I was planning on not running for awhile longer even if she had given me the go ahead.  Just to be conservative.  Just to be sure.

I never imagined that she would tell me that I have ANOTHER – completely separate – stress fracture further up on the tibia.

stress fracture


I knew something still wasn’t right.  I could feel it in the exact spot that the new stress fracture is in.  I don’t feel PAIN like I did with the first one.  But I don’t feel right.  I randomly feel pain/discomfort when walking (about a level 1 pain – not bad) about one time a day.  And I think it’s been here for about 2 weeks.  WTF?  I just assumed it was “normal” tenderness that accompanied healing of stress fracture.  I have been a model patient – I haven’t run in 96 days.  And I get another stress fracture while I’m actively recovering and healing and being a good little patient?  WTF?

So – the doctor and the radiologist are puzzled.  She ordered blood tests to test level of Vitamin D and calcium and a DEXA scan to test my bone density.  Hopefully that will give more answers.

I am SO angry.  I’ve been in tears all afternoon.  UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

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    1. This IS the second MRI. Another MRI now would show the same thing – it’s doesn’t diagnose the “why” – just diagnoses the issue. I will do another one weeks/months down the line before I would run again. If this doctor doesn’t find me some answers though, I would consider going to a different doctor for a second opinion on the “why” part.

  1. I am so sorry! I have never heard of anyone getting a stress fracture while recovering from another one. That sucks. I hope you get some answers. You are going to be super mentally strong when this ordeal is over.

  2. Hang in there…you are doing everything you can….you’ll be running again before you know it.

  3. Ugh is right. So sorry to hear this. I am still on the DL as well. What’s up with that? Here’s to a better 2014 season.

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